Accidentally getting knocked up

Ok,personally i believe by the time a lady gets pregnant,she must have planned for it…hakunanga kitu kama unwanted.If a lady doesnt wish to be paged atafanya juu chini ata heri amezange Postinor daily ama anunue suitcase mzima ya condoms.Most of the so called unwanted pregnancies huwa ni dame alijaribu to fix the baby daddy but he chomoas his true colors and leaves her…saa hiyo ndio unaskia ohh ati ilikuwa katryzex kajaribus,kakateleza…NONE is ever accidental…but then again its just my strong opinion…

Cut the crap, how old is your pregnancy?

sasa tufanye?

msome na mjue…negrow

:D:Dcheza chini…the only male species that carries pregnancy ni Syngnathidae fish…ama umeuliza nini?

Your handle gives away the kind of games you are onto


Buda na ii baridi yote unaturaushia ujinga kama ii… Matapaka. meffi kabisa

hehee,err…wrong spelling…you meant to type the word ‘TRUTH’…right?

In defence of the females…kuna wanaume kazi yao nikulewesha wanawake then kukamua bila mpira,dame anapata ball hajui ni ya fisi gani.Can’t blame the female here,she has the right to drink and get drunk but an imbecile to take that as an advantage is below being a scum of the earth.No woman goes out there saying " leo ni ball nataka" ,sisi machali in as much as hatutumii ubongo proper,are very conniving when it come to bedminton,we can bomoa pussy if we want it,however we want it,dryfry or not.When we pour that hot prostatic secretion into the nether regions of the female we are at par in the “get pregnant today” game.Kama hutaki kinyangarika cha kukufanana,valisha mboro kofia…ama umeze postinor:D:D:D:D:D:D .how old are you btw? would you be interested to learn about safe sex?:):):slight_smile:

Dame akipata ball she is 1000% responsible. That is a fact. Kuma ni yake, uterus ni yake, ovaries ni zake na akili ni zake. She controls the access point. I agree with the OP. Hakuna kitu kama unplanned pregnancy. It is just poor decision making. Unplanned?? Give me a break


OP ni mnyama gani?

Basic Biology…
All you have to do is ensure that your Sperm never makes contact with her Egg…
How to achieve that is really up to you…

Nalaumu sana wenyewe walitoa Home Science from the primary syllabus. This thing was taught in class six, term one!!

I also fault the men because y’all wanna dry fry all the women you sleep with. (Pregnancies should be the least of your worries btw) If you had one partner then accidental pregnancies become rare.

In this digital era every sexually active woman should have this app to avoid accidents because miscalculations happen or just go to the family planning clinic.

true but as kawaida with these females and their entitlement wanataka tu mtu wa kublame

even with such apps you could still get knocked up.the only sure way is absteinance,condoms…na MAYBE iucd

dryfry artist disapproves of this thread

Some people wear foolishness like a crown