Accident somewhere in Nyanza captured on tape


Hope nobody was hurt

RIP to the guys in the saloon car… damn.

Poleni sana

What i fail to understand, why not impose and enforce city speed limits ?

Hii lazima imefunika tens of raia apo, it’s kinda busy trading centre

weeeeeeeh hapo noma

Story ndo hii apa;


My observation:-
[li]Speed limits kwa shopping centres need to be enforced ruthlessly,[/li][li]Bonobos need to be wiped off road reserves mercilessly.[/li][/ol]

sad for the family and loved ones of the confirmed dead, but hata when a driver misses a turn, just drive on find a safe place to turn it.

One dead, four seriously injured in Kendu Bay accident  | Nation

“The trailer fell on its side when the driver tried to make a right turn towards Kisumu. The vehicle rolled and hit some shops at the petrol station,” Mr Aduda said.

Inatisha mbaya

Dereva wa Nissan Ali okoa maisha ya wengi

Seems breaks failed or something hence nothing the driver could do

Treat it as an accident.seems breaks failed

Let us assume your hypothesis is true. At what speed was the driver “ariving” with at the shopping centre ndio aingie petrol station hivyo?

what about engine braking? Atleast to slow the truck down kiasi.

So should we wait for the next truck to experience brake failure?

Hapo inakaa mteremko kiasi na uzito ya hio lorry…well everyone can learn from that

Not exactly…we can learn from that…freak accidents do happen boss…you can even choke on your favorite drink

Noma mdau.