Accident: Pangani Tunnel


Kwani that driver had never used that road before?

He burnt to death.


Pole kwake.

On another point, majority of Kenyan motorists carry Mortein Doom mikebes, in the name of fire extinguishers.

The best they can do ni kuzima candle.

The same tunnel where the haves & the have-nots are separated

Hizi mercedes ndio ziliua Princess Diana kwa tunnel huko Paris in a similar crash.

comment ya kishamba kabisa.

Lakini ni ukweli, ukitoka Thika Road, the haves take Forest Road, the havenots take Muranga Road.

If you take Muranga Road just work harder. The dude is 100% right

I normally take the Forest Road tunnel juu I have to park my SUV somewhere safe. I didn’t know there was a whole class thing linked to this innocent tunnel.

not necessarily…you take the shortest route to your destination. The left/straight takes you to the CBD and that’s the route taken majorly by Matatus carrying passengers (according to bonobos, the passengers are branded as “have nots”). The right takes you to westlands and onwards to the to the A104 leading to western region.

I take either, depending on my destination!

Hii ndio inaitwa overthinking, sawa nimekubaliana na wewe.

Ukiendesha gari Kama umelewa chrome and it’s highly flammable , ghaseeer zinalewa ,hizo spirits zikibreath huwa zinabreath fire . The ghaseeer must have screaming and electric Sparks ignited his mouth .
Pharmacy the bachelor of science degree holder physics specialist

Work harder jaruo ndio ukue unapiga right

Relax who hurt you?
This is just a jest used by netizen and needs to be taken with a grain of salt otherwise barabara ni ya kila mtu.
Mtu anaishi Lavington anatumia the same road (James Gichuru) na mtu anaishi Kawangware and so is mtu wa Kibera na Karen so take it easy man.


#My Opinion

  1. From this video it seems like the deceased driver wanted to go left based on the car`s flickering turn signal but was driving towards the right side and had to make last second decision based on the position the car is in.

  2. He seems to have been driving very fast at speeds of higher than 120kph based on the level of impact sustained on the car that eventually burst into flames.

  3. Another observation I made is that he never tried to brake the car based on the lack of skidmarks on the road leading to the crash site this might have been probably due to his indecision of whether to go left or right.

To Summarise: The driver was travelling at high speed and had to make split decision on direction to go but failed to make a decision on time leading to the crash.

That is just my observation from the little i have seen.I welcome a differnt view


Noguo Msapere Kagege.

Sisi wa Kangemi na Githogoro tuko tuu sawa…

Two years ago my brother in law was murdered in that Githogoro slums I had to walk around with police officers to file a report, weuh, the things I saw in that slum acha tu.