Accident Claims MPs daughter *PIC*

Joyce Aluoch daughter of Kisumu Town West MP Hon. Olago Aluoch has died in a road accident this Morning. Joyce’s mum also died in a road accident years back. The MP also had an accident some years back which deformed his face.

Near Lang’ata

so sad


waar this family has something -literally-

Waaah. Too many accidents in one Family

Really sad.

RIP. Hope he takes a lead role in trying to make our roads safe. Not just pursing selfish political interests.

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He is a very good guy,huwezi msikia na siasa za upuzi


I saw this some time back: karma is a bitch…


Maybe a culture of doing speed? Anunue ndege sasa.

Its about the time you will hear of sudden deaths relating to current n aspiring politicians. @jumabekavu hapendi ujinga

Very sad .MSRIP


Ouch! Is that the front left tyre resting on the dashboard?

May she rest in peace

Looks like a VW golf. Tragic

Wacha sasa usikie watu wa cord wakisema ni chupilee… Tuko pamoja


Very true…too much for one family.

RIP to his innocent daughter, as for him…I would seek forgiveness from all clients he stole money from.Machozi ya maskini na mayatima usiwahi cheza nayo.


If indeed he withheld compensation due to a widow , this will make him feel the pain the widow underwent .

All said , no one deserves this pain . And I wish him and the family peace