Accident Alert

Nasty accident on Ngong road by the Karen bypass interchange. Police on site

tailgating manenos

waah hako ni ka starlet? halafu huyu rider ana advertise legend brandy wololo hapo akitoka alive ni bahati sana


Wah…at times me huogopa izi magari ndogo ndogo.

Driver came out alive. Just minor bruises

My guess: Starlet driver saw the traffic ahead (to town) and decided to do a u-turn atumie bypass. Truck driver naye haku-slow, accident PAP!

WTF. Ati he survived…Kwani alikuwa anaendesha gari akiwa back seat…:D:D:D Ona venye mbele imebondwa. Atleast engine ubakia hapo lakini ata hio pia imebondwa,

are you sure someone came out from that car alive with minor bruises

Hapana imepigwa kasandwich

the car is a write off,will insurance pay?

depends on the age. normally cars 15-20 years old are not given comprehensive.
but i could be wrong. mtu wa insurance aconfirm priss.