Accident Alert

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Reports say two fatalities

This is bad
Very sad


Sad. watu waache mbio



another noah???

seems like a hiace 7l

Near Mwingi yesterday [ATTACH=full]48066[/ATTACH]

The blue van ni Mercedes Sprinter. It’s usually pretty fast.

Bro, hii ni Toyota…

Did u hear what this guys did

Uko sure hii ni Merc??

My bad ni Toyota

Sure thing sikuwa nimeona poa. Had just been from the Sex and Relationships section. :smiley:

Si useme chokosh

They tried to force a speeding lorry to stop with the police van. One died, three ended in hospital with serious injuries.

That’s crazy. It’s like @chokosh joking with @kush yule mnono

Elder, don’t carry us that way… :D:D:D

Sad sad