Accident alert

Earlier today
2 killed and more than 10 hospitalized after 2 Kukena Sacco commuter matatus collide on Kutus-Kerugoya road.



8 killed

@Meria Mata how do you get to know all this…am now curious

I heard on the radio they were competing for passengers, this is so very unfortunate

@Meria Mata ni snitch

ata were anza umalaya uone . It comes with abilities such as teleporting from corner to corner.


always with a mbisha, NIS

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Haujaambia hii nugu poa.

Fatal road accidents involving two matatus along Kerugoya-Kutus rd near JMB hotel. Seven confirmed dead.

KUKENA EXPRESS SACCO matatu kills at least seven people, six on the spot and one in hospital near Kerugoya town. Apparently the fateful matatu was intentionally hit from behind by another kukena matatu which had been dispatched by the SACCO management to chase it and stop it from picking passengers outside the stage. Transport paralysed at Kerugoya town stage as the public vows not to allow this sacco to operate bitter that lives have been lost due to unruly matatu sacco and are asking NTSA to intervene.


Whoever gave the order for the matatu to be chased should be arrested immediately and charged with murder.

That mat doesn’t look so beat-up as to kill so many people…

But if its true that the accident was caused by that ‘police trick’ of hitting one back-end of a speeding vehicle to cause a roll that’s downright murder.

the vehicle can be salvaged. phewx!

Another accident
at St Mary’s in Gilgil involving a North Rift shuttle, Highway Sacco matatu & Dayah company bus.


What about the lives lost?

It’s called a pit manoeuvre


am at st Marys ward,nlikua kwa hio morthrift going to eldy,seat number five

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