Accident Alert

One person died on the spot after a truck rammed into a salon car on the Eastern bypass near the General Service Unit (GSU) training school.

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What the ferk is the problem with that stretch of road?

Si huyo msee wa saloon ameona moto… Jeso

Na huko Syokimau near Gateway Mall.

Which clown authorized this bypass to be single lane? What would it take to dualize it?

End month inakuanga hivyo. All clowns hit the road with their cars.

Lack of foresight and probably huge rip off due to corruption. The road is barely 5 years old, who in their right mind would design it as single lane if there were no vested interests?

yikes si huko ndio ule dame wa bmw pia alimezwa?

Luther, with all due respect sometimes you amaze me. From the first pictures, its obvious that one/both the drivers were speeding - that impact is too huge.


Hii mambo ya kublame serikali kila saa wachia Tirrrrrrrrriirrriondo or whatever

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Not necessarily. 50+50 = 100 and with the momentum of a huge trela like that one you are finished

Mombasa Road Asubuhi


inakaa watu walikunywa sana jana

Festive season imeshaanza ni wimbo tu kwa TV hazijaanza


Ice, aki si hizo jingles na marketing gimmicks huniuthi? Uko kwa nyumba na last Sh500 na all you hear is about holidayS in the Mara BLA BLA BLA…aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh!

ION, its always sad that so many people kill themselves during festive seasons. JUST DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!


Huyu mzae atamaliza watu… Akicheza nitamuanika hapa amezidi

Hehehe…my ‘beef’ goes beyond this accident. Regular users of that road, especially the Embakassi-Rúirú section, will have noticed that nowadays iko na jam ya masaa kadhaa just like in town.

Granted, it was the first ‘bypass’ to be built and perhaps no one anticipated that it’d be this busy, but I’d like to believe that the reason it was built where it is and nowhere else is precisely because there existed ‘something’ that informed that decision. Traffic flow, both present and future, must surely have been part of that ‘something’.

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To the best of my understanding, that by-pass was supposed to supplement Outer-ring Road, a dual carriageway. Trouble is the construction of Auta is taking too long, hence the heavy traffic on the bypass. This however doesn’t excuse the needless accidents Luther - for a car to be so mangled you have to wonder whether one of the drivers wasn’t asleep and failed to apply even the mildest breaks…

Ata zile magari za accidents that are mounted kwa roundabouts during christmas zimeanza kuwekwa. I saw one near safaripark

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Okiya, wafrika ni wale wale tu…then they’ll be complaining how the traffic police are not able to reduce accidents…like its the traffic police who drive their vehicles…