Accident alert!


Accident iko wqpi hapa?

The fuck was he doing

if only…wacha tu,okay if only ingevuka and kuwe kuko na jam na tanker ikuwe hapo…wuew

hapo mwenye hakuwa amefunga seat belt alijipata na hukooo

The lower part is is Shainaman’s worst mini tunnel ever. I believe that a considerable number of drunkards have been impaled by the divider between Murang’a and Forest Road, because the world suddenly turns dark and the eyes cannot adjust fast enough. That clown up there is lucky he didn’t come plunging down into the traffic below.

Just passed this place as it happed , Kenyan motorists must learn to give way to ambulances


Lazima it’s blocked the entire road hapo juu coz that road is very narrow!

Evading jam he wanted to fly that shit.

The githurai bus was coming from karioko,
that place has design problem…though speed without control is a major issue with Kenyans

Some pf these tunnels are death traps. There’s one i remember which had all it’s lights flickering hapo ukifika Ngara. Kama msee ni epileptic anaweza drive into the wall. Hope wametengeneza.

Lakini mtu epileptic hafai ku drive, tunnels or not. Kuna beste yangu had gone to buy some construction materials kwa hardware. Akapewa pick up for delivery, kumbe dere ni epileptic. Luckily they had turned off ngong road, jamaa zikamshika, mguu kwa accelerator, gari okay cross lanes kwa mtaro direct


Asubuhi pia another bus had overturned on waiyaki way hapo Karibu na safaricom

Hiyo ni bus ya Githurai imechoka na maisha mbaya.

hio bus ingefika chini it would have been a disaster

There was an epileptic Matatu Driver, Namba Nane to be precise, zilimshikia pale Valley Road akiteremka, the lady seated hapo mbele katikati alijaribu kumsaidia and the passengers got a luck escape. The 14 seater pluged into the drainage hapo past hio stage ya Integrity Centre.

It was in the news some years back, 2010 or 2011 hivi.

There are some lights nduthi guys like to retrofit on their bikes.
When I learnt that they could induce a fit nilitoa zangu pronto.

Na vile mafala wa boda boda huku wamezijaza