Accident alert.


nini randy?

Karee kee?

Your zuukaaabaaaaaaaaga page is no longer available


Check the mp4 attachment prono6x ya mugoka imepiga sama guys are trapped in.

Shiet hapo ni mwea?

I am not sure. Lakini this country desperately need an emergency response system.


Hizi probox za Miraa are driven extremely recklessly!

Wachana na response team kwanza, Kenyan motorist need to be responsible for their own and other road users’ safety on the road, sio ati iwe responsibility of other road user to dodge so that you don’t collide into them.

the fire fighters can be trained on rescue work even if it is unrelated to fire situations. I wonder if they get this training or not.

Those muguka fools deserve a worse death

Mwenye anatokea hapo mbele looks undisturbed by the whole situation:D:D:D
Amefika self-actualization.


Those fools are always asking for it.
It’s been a long time coming.

in a shit hole country,remember back in the nineties kuna fire truck iliungua kwa prking lot wakachanganyikiwa vile ya kuzima not realizing wako na maji kwa truck yenyewe? the department is run by baboons


No. This country needs drivers who can think straight and are interested in staying alive

As much as some drivers are assholes you forget ajali haina kinga. Most of this survivors end up paralyzed because of the actions that happen after the accident. I also think first aid classes should be made compulsory in both primary and high school.