Accident alert...

A car in Kenya got fed up with the level of corruption on the roads by traffic police so in protest it proceeded to hide its face in the bushes refusing to come out until a breakdown was forced to pull it out.[ATTACH=full]113097[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113098[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113099[/ATTACH]


ninja with black shirt, i hate such guys. Why?Why? u know why


ameblock view

:D:D:Dmafisi all over

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Wah…what a refreshing RTA report.

"Brake…brake…BRAKE…BRAAAAAKE!!!..OH SHIT!!!

anakula kwa mesho pia

Ya mattercore tu?! Boy ni Monday ya katikati ya mwezi

ingekua subaru ungesikia tu comments za umeffi. but alas, it is part of the kenyan uniform!

Lazima tu angesimama mbele ya view. Sasa ata hii accident hatuoni vizuri