Accident ALert: Mtito

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The exact scenario that i fear most…Shait!!

Got to be careful and drive smoothly when there is a truck behind you. Sudden acceleration and deceleration is dangerous

Heshimu trucks, hapa labda eye witness atuelezee what happened


Hapo ukiwa na KaVitz/KaFit/KaDemio unasikaniswaaa

Jamaa ya VX alisurvive?

Probably overtaking and then attempting to return to their lane cut ting in front of the truck in the rear to avoid on coming traffic.
Happens all the time on the highways especially by drivers who believe their vehicles are powerful.

there was another accident in taru… was stuck there for three hrs last night… but my bus travels are coming to the end thanks to Sgr

cheki huyu rogue driver na tanker.

Total madness.

Ten years ago mtu aliniovertake hivi tu na Nissan Sunny B12 akaingia kwa lane halafu akafunga emergency.
Smashed him like he deserved it.
Tukamnunulia half cut.

Hehehehe. Reminds me of a certain axio that’d been rear-ended by a rav 4. Ilikatwa nusu perfectly so that only those at the front seats survived if at all there was anyone at the back. Was so perfectly cut in the middle there was nothing huko nyuma. In fact, if you approached it from the front, you wouldn’t notice it was cut into a half, with the back disappearing in very small bits scattered around the highway. Yea, Rav 4 did not take much damage to my surprise.

Yaani anachafua dust ndio tu apite mwenzake…

Mimi ni the tipping / falling container shieet.

This is a case of overtaking then sliding in between two trucks. I almost experienced the same, but I learned that if there’s no room for getting back, try to slide half way and control your speed to that of the vehicle ahead of you without stepping on emergency brakes. Trucks give zero ferks coz you just ruined their breaking distance.

Huyu alijaribu Kata funua ikamshinda…probably also alikua amesumbua hao truck drivers for some distance wakaamua kumpa adabu.

If words were pictures, that sandwiched car is what ‘Moron’ would look like.

There is this situation where a vehicle is overtaking a trailer, oncoming imemwashia mataa - guy overtaking cannot make it back to his Lane and therefore decides to swerve to the oncoming vehicle’s side of the shoulder. If you panic as the oncoming driver, you also hepa to the shoulder na mnakutania hapo. Scum of the earth those ones.