Accident Alert: Mombasa

very sad indeed. RIP

Chumvi ya Mombasa si mchezo. KBS zilikua notorious kwa kulika na chumvi.

Waaah, the price we pay for corruption.
There is no way that Bus passed the annual inspection.

Sooo Sad.

condolences to the family


Leo jioni niko ndaaaani ya my babies school bus … Wacha nijifanyie inspection. But now what about the other defects I cannot see? :(:(. This is scary.

cheki hilo shimo

holy molly !

Hole in a school bus? hata huyo headmaster anafaa kutupwa ndani

:(:(:(:frowning: mwathani, that school needs to be sued properly. This has just made my day miserable.

that is negligence. sue those fuckers

Woi nawakalisha mtoi Kwa Hiyo kiti.RIP

Ata wangetafuta namna ya kuziba hilo shimo! Hata kama ni karatasi jameni.

Still cant bring myself to watching the pics or the whole thread. This could be anyone’s child, and to make matters worse the school is a walking distance form home, and I see the bus daily. Fuack


hii ni negligence Hata on the part of the bus conductor, yaani Kuna m2 anaeza Kubali a kid Akae karibu na tht big hole.

How could the school management let kids ride in such a bus? Kids?!!! That school should be shut down. Period.

this is too sad, that school should be sued kabisa, why did they allow kids to board such a bus, this is so sad. even the diver if he is a parent should not have driven such a bus with kids on board.

They should make an example…mtu au watu waende wakale maharagwe for manslaughter ama kitu kama hiyo

:mad::mad::mad: Hiyo crew yote should be jailed – the driver, teacher, head teacher.

Fucking drives me mad a child dies because of something that could and SHOULD have been prevented. Nkt.