Accident Alert: Mombasa

Early this morning
KINDERGARTEN PUPIL from St Augustine Preparatory School in Mombasa crushed to death by school bus he was riding on after bus seat caves in.

Oh no…pole kwa family yake!

tragic bana

Wah! I know this school in Tudor. Pole to the family.

sad sad sad


Oh dear Lord, poor baby. May your soul rest in peace.

This is a new one.



Woooi the pain! May (s)he rest in peace.

Oh no!..This is sad.

shait…umekaa kwa gari then suddenly kiti inaenda na wewe, how rusty was that vehicle to the point of a seat caving in???

expect to hear from NTSA on this, a major crackdown on all school buses is eminent

Sources say that the bus had a hole and the kid was trying to save her bottle of water and her bag which had fallen and she too fell and was crushed to death. [ATTACH=full]113860[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113861[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113862[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113863[/ATTACH]

What the ferk…this is really sad.

This buses go for inspection Every year, am sure there was a defective as a school bus for a small kid to fall of from it. Hapa the school and the bus personnel have case to answer. Pole Kwa familia

it had a hole? shule hawana bahati… ambulance chasers pia wameshapata namba ya wazazi

Very sad indeed! MSRIP.