ACCIDENT ALERT (MM Nairobi Correspondent)

accident happend near Tatu city



Tafadhali peleka kijana polepole ameanza kazi juzi hata grace period haijaisha.


Hizi magari ni makatasi tu. Maximum speed they should capable of should be 60kph

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Swali tu, ng’ombe zilikuwa ndani ama nje ya Fielder?


I think that the Fielder ploughed into a herd at that speed they’re famous for. With the current drought, there must be lots of Ero grazing along city roads.

Those saying that the car is karatasi do not know that no vehicle type except an APC would have fared any better. I doubt that driver and passengers are alive.

ghai,kwani ni ngombe zilikua zinaendesha :eek::eek:

Ngombe moja imeua zingine, at least ngombe ya maziwa itachinjwa


Honestly, this gives meaning to A Freak accident.

There are some herders that are camping around near BTL area. i use that road daily and i always meet the grazing thier large herd freely on the road. this must have happened a few minutes after … i passed by them this morning.

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Ngombe imevalishwa chain ya nini?


could it be that the cow was behind the wheel? ilikua imetoka night out na ngombe zingine. we have seen stranger things

Usiseme chain … sema waya

I thought the airbags and seatbelts are what keeps the occupants safe, otherwise the car is designed to raruka as much as possible to take in all that energy., and transfer it to the insurance while trying to postpone an individual meeting with their maker

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I think the front and rear should crumble and leave the passenger compartment intact. Wacha tuulize mtalamu…@introvert

Please read, section 88 of the Traffic Act.
Section 88 - Carelessness while in charge of animals:
Any person driving or conducting any cattle, dog or other animal who, on any road, fails to exercise reasonable care to keep it or them under proper control, or allows such cattle, dog or animal to become a danger or annoyance to the public, shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings.

Boss nime jaribu sana, a pic is worth a thousand words

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Finally the story, na hatukukosea:

[SIZE=6]Speeding car kills nine cows in Ruiru

A driver was seriously injured after his speeding car killed nine cows on Kiambu-Ruiru road on Thursday.

The cows were grazing along the road at the time of the accident that left several others injured.

Francis Kamau, a resident, said the driver lost control at a bend near Membley and ran over the animals.

The driver was rushed to Kiambu Level Five hospital as residents scrambled for the ‘free meat’.

Police had a difficult time controlling the crowd that was overheard saying they couldn’t see the meat go to waste yet people are starving.

Ruiru OCPD Isaac Thuranira said the accident could have been avoided if the driver checked his speed.

“The bend is a notorious black spot. The accident was caused as a result of the driver’s carelessness,” the officer said.

Thuranira cautioned drivers against violating traffic rules, further asking locals to be careful while grazing their animals along the road.

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They were yanking out the dead cow from the wrecked Fielder using a breakdown tow truck.