Accident alert: Malindi

Noted so

That’s because they are probably not on the wrong and they plan to kamua the insurance company.

I wouldn’t want to see the drivers body!

Hi Dad. @Meria Mata

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The reason i hate driving at night.I’ve driven on that road a number of times and it’s almost impossible to go past 60kph due to those annoying bodas.he must have been cruising not to notice a stationery vehicle.

How come truck drivers flee the scene 85% of the time?

Other drivers hit boda bodas and tuk tuks and run. Same difference. Mainly for your safety.

Probably a small distraction. Otherwise he would at least have swerved kidogo. But all in all Ajali imetokea. We pray for a speedy recovery to the injured and comfort to the families of the departed


easycoach wako na the highest safety record

They have had their fair share of accidents, some fatal. Labda tuseme kensilver express ya maua nairobi. For the terrain they traverse yao ni an enviable safety record. Considering they have done the same route for over 20 years


20 ni kidogo sana. Several relatives worked those sides in the mid-to-late 80s and I recall them mentioning Kensilver back then.

gonga msee wa nduthi ubaki kwa scene utaona. kimbia enda Police station atleast

I agree with you…kensilver are the best

Na Climax Coaches? I haven’t heard any accidents involving them.

Sijawai skia hio ya climax lakini zinapelekangwa mbio ingine sigwes zipanda

some time last month i was in a modern coast and iliturusha kwa bump at high speed, about half of the passengers including me got bruises after hitting our heads onto the baggage compartment above us

next time belt-up na utakuwa sawa :):slight_smile:

kulala na belt ni siida

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