Accident alert: Malindi

Modern Coast bus leaving Malindi for Nairobi involved in an accident just past Malindi Airport. The bus hit a stationary trailer, the trailer driver had hit a tuk tuk and malasiad, leaving the trailer on the road.

bus driver died on the spot, tuk tuk driver critically injured

Rescue ongoing
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God help us all.


Niaje ES

Poa sana VS

For once nimeona accident za hizi bus zikitangazwa hadharani. Some time back they use to pay off reporters to avoid bad publicity. I guess its a good move now that they are doing it themselves…


We’re losing too many people due to carelessness…
While the people supposed to enforce laws are busy collecting bribes.

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They almost always announce on their fb page along with Kenya bus world and Mombasa bound buses Facebook groups

With the proliferation of social media and smartphones, paying off reporters (though it still happens) is like throwing good money after bad. What they do is clear the accident scene very fast and remove all branding from the buses involved in an accident.


Is there a bus company in kenya whose buses dont get accidents?


Conflicting reports but pole kwa qa athiriwa

How conflicting?
Have only heard the above version na pia kuona pic ya deree

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Farid didn’t stand a chance.

Among dead is kilifi’s cec education madam salima ex hubby

Sorry the truck driver was said to have fled the scene after ealier accident with tuk tuk

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Must have been speeding. He was barely out of malindi town. Was he late?

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Speeding or not truck shouldn’t have been on the road.
Politicians wamekimbia hosi kufariji majeruhi


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On the road you expect anything. Thats why speeding is discouraged. That truck could have been anything even an elephant. Plus the truck itself had been involved in an accident which is why it was there in the first place, maybe also because of speeding. No excuse there. If he got the accident at malindi airport barely out of malindi town, I bet he was planning to fly all way