Accident Alert: Maghufuli Land +255

only an eye witness can say what happened here, but looks like a case of reckless overtaking .
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RIP to the departed


Oooooh nooooo ! RIP


What a way to go!

Who’s was overtaking? The bus or the saloon car?

A little patience and courtesy saves lives. If only one of them stepped on the brake pedal such accident would have been avoided.


Huko kumekuwa kukinyesha feb yote, hio mahindi ni kubwa

seems saloon came head on with the bus, collided, turned, and was dragged several meters

Those Chinese buses do insane speeds on those Tz roads and do not take being overtaken very well. Let them go or choose a very clear stretch where you can maneuver your way.



Surprised it was not a tahmeed bus… Hao mafala sjui huvuta nini…

Rip to the gone

Hauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwi!!! Both car and driver are write offs.

The bus seems to have been in its lane…most probably the saloon was overtaking

Enyewe dereva wa hio bus alikuwa upstairs akiona noma ikitokea kule down

Double shait.

Double m unakuanga na in4 sana.but kama wewe ni dere wa gari bwaku najua huezi kanyangia msee brakes

Discipline my Fren, on the Rd am the only sane guy, this fellow here Ali overtake akifikiri atapishwa lakini wapi, ata kuwasha mataa zake haikusaidia, deree wa gari bwaku anajua haes enda kwa sir God so hamkanyagii brakes, matokeo ni hayo