Accident Alert: Gilgil

That road between Nairobi all the way to Mau Summit needs expansion very urgently. Hizi buses zinaenda hadi Busia or kach are driven very recklessly.

Zingine zina kinga…if the driver had not driven like a maniac…this would have been avoided

Pesa ya hiyo expansion itatoka wapi kama hamtaki loans za china?

So much is wasted in government to be honest and this is one of the most important roads in the country.

Mbona sisikiangi hii maneno kwa easy coach na ndio nyingi?
Carelessness is our undoing. It is the other day Muhoroni bus was put on spotlight when it was driven recklessly. I feel very bad when somebody’s mess causes other people’s deaths.

Nairobi Nakuru is one of the worst highways in Kenya presently. Guys overtake so recklessly, you keep being forced off hadi you are forced to travel in packs. If there is a big distance btw you and the vehicle Infront, utaoneshwa mambo na oncoming traffic

Agreed lakini sio zote, hizi climax, kawere, na ile transmara are in another level

lets wait and see what the meffi NTSA will do

Buy the way chief Spanish zilienda wapi? I liked their discipline while travelling to coast

Very true. Nikiona niko na big distance Mimi huweka full lights no matter the time

spanish kaput, huwes endeleza fearshara na pesa ya wizi

Hiyo 420 kuna vile. Hiyo damage yote kwa hiyo bus imefanywa na hako ka-angle line hapo?

Waaa ebu spill the beans

Angusha hekaya, ama at least summary

Would a widened road make the cretins drive less recklessly?

At least itapunguza head on collisions but in my view the road normally has serious tailback especially on weekends. Expanding it will solve that.

Sasa SGR imekuwa attractive :smiley:

Mambo ya kuendesha gari usiku tafadhali wacha that is if you value your life. Too many of this incidents happen at night or in bad weather.

Expanding the road will just increase their bad behaviors. Watakuwa wanakanyaga 140kph sasa.

Whenever I drive longdistance, I always assume the other guy may do something stupid. Take climbing lanes for instance. Even if I have a right to use the climbing lane, I never use it at a corner where I cant see a car coming from the other side