Accident Alert: Gilgil

Reports reaching MMNN say many dead.
bus is Climax.

where was it coming from?

conflicting reports reaching MMNN, mara Salgaa, mara Gilgil, witnesses say the bus was badly driven and the deree was carelessly overtaking when akauma angle-line ya container

let me get more details

It had to be a bus. The scene of the accident will likely be at a climbing lane

Eleven people dead, 12 others nursing injuries after a PSV bus rammed into a trailer near Gilgil on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.


Rest in peace to the passengers.May the driver rot in hell…mbwa yeye

They blaming the trucker like always, following a hot debate.
Huyu Naye
"the climax was overtaking a nairobi baptist church bus akapiga timing mbaya akalima trailer ilikua imehepesha kichwa witness number 1 driver wa modern coast ya usenge who was right behind and even alighted to help passengers before police came "

BUs was from Vihiga

Buses are always recklessly driven.
Not once or twice or thrice have I been driven off the road by overtaking buses between Limuru and Nakuru and like someone mentions up there, the bus drivers believe the climbing lanes are for their sole use whether going up or down.
Brainless imbeciles.

Kwani imehappen saa ngapi?

Very sad .
Drove from Naivasha to Nairobi in the evening and there are too many psychos on that road driving with total disregard for other road users .

Day time pics…


Waaah! The driver didn’t have time to ‘peana’ hio side ingine

and all the blame is heaped on the trucker.
bus drivers waache haraka,
may the dead rest in peace and quick recovery to the injured

while travelling hua sikai side ya driver

Ajali haina kinga

Wacha wamalize kijenga hii nairobi kisumu Sgr so that lives can be saved somehow.

truck ndio hii