Accident Alert: Delamare

That stretch hukua na hii ujinga sana

Nikama ni students ndio walisonga. Dere alipachu

Alot of drivers driving dangerously on that road are either on a Red bull rush,or are drunk,and probably trying impress some pyt or they are on some blunts, It’s either one or sometimes all. That stretch hapo delamare requires you to be absolutely vigilant,mikono mbili kwa wheel fully focused. Nimewahi tolewa kwa Rd to the shoulder by a chain of cars like 6 overtaking with lights on on a death run,at the lead was a bus from western.

Watoto wa shule bana. This is a massive tragedy. Pole sana to the families.

I guessed so from the damage on his vehicle. After making the deadly decision to overtake, then realizing he couldn’t make it, it was time to save his ass by swerving onto the opposite shoulder and getting himself out of the direct line of impact.

I just hope he lives with some debilitating shit for the rest of his life.

RIP… Wazee wakikuyu husema afathali ye akufe badala ya kijana mdogo…RIP…

Saa zingine ata afathali kukufa na ujinga yako ata aki survive he will have a nightmare of a life…itabidii akuwe aki kunywa changaa lita ishirini ndio alale

Alikosea wazazi sana

The whole road from rironi to nakuru is a huge mess, with careless overtaking, overlapping and all manner of traffic offenses. It must be kenya’s most dangerous road.

The dere’s license should be revoked

Kitu kama.accident pia mnakuwa Judges hapa? Driver mjinga etc huh! Mlikuwa hapo akiona two zebras crossing zikicheka

I’d be damned if this were wrong

It means those that have been confirmed so far and the number could be higher. They cant give a specific number in a current incident until a complete assessment is done