Accident Alert: Delamare

A terrible accident near Delamare involving a PSV carrying students and a Truck.

Pole sana

At least 6 students have died following a grisly road accident in Delamare Naivasha, in Nakuru County.

The students were traveling from Western Kenya to Nairobi when the accident occurred.

The six died on the spot.

The accident involved a lorry and a matatu that was carrying the students.

10 others who were injured have been rushed to the Naivasha county hospital for treatment.

Shait RIP

Good lord Keep our kids safe.

Elder rekebisha


Why do news reporters say "at least? kwani huwa wanataka wote wadedi. Mbona wasiseme “10 students survived following an accident…”

Huwa naona the use of " at least" nikama kuna kufurahia…:frowning:

Good news does not sell.
Lazima headlines ziwe gori

hapo naivasha roho ya wanafunzi inahitajika sana

Hiyo stretch ya Dalamere huwa swara. Afew times nimetolewa kwa lane hadi kwa shoulder by bullies in buses and lorries. Me hutoka…to live another day.

Mimi kitu hunishinda ni Ile ripoti ya wanahabari ati wanaabiria 20 waliweza kupoteza maisha yao… Yaani mm hushindwa is it a competition to the death ama

That stretch is a devil’s workshop. Accident zimehappen iyo stretch ni mob sana. Ukipata mwendawazimu wa trailer na upate ule anaendesha izoat za box inakuwa remedy for disaster.

Reckless driving ndio shida.

The fcuking matatu driver scum was attempting to overtake a chain of vehicles before ramming head-on into an oncoming lorry.
He was probably trying to impress the high school girls, maybe score a cheap (paedo) lay

If you don’t say “at least” and choose to quote the exact number instead , it could lead to misreporting in case of more deaths after the news has been reported

Driver mjinga sana.

Did he survive?

Hopefully not…we dont need more empty heads like him

He is in hosi