Accident Alert at View point Nakuru- Nairobi highway

A bad accident near view point, Nakuru- Nairobi highway. A matatu (chopper) has burnt completely. Video and photos zinakataa kuload

Wueh…just past that scene like 2 min ago. Shait. Alafu kuna gari ingine hapo iko completely wrecked. Tebu leta full report. And that is not view point. Fly over towards kinungi.

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Tunangoja picha. Kuna fog kwa hio njia?

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iyo memory card yako iezi store picha…

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Singeweza. Am also travelling, and we didn’t stop enway

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I believe these are the ones from that accident.
[ATTACH=full]117465[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]117466[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]117467[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]117468[/ATTACH]


Naenda carwash niende nyahururu by 12. I hope watakuwa wameclear hiyo njia

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waah! Seems bad.

i just found imehappen immediately. Helped with rescue then took a video ya matutu ikiburn. will upload nikifika Kakamega


hope there were no fatalities

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Sawa. watu waende kupiga kura

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na hii ni gani
[ATTACH=full]117475[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]117476[/ATTACH]

not much but the driver of the black vihecle in the ditch had some injuries but he was able to talk

it is the same accident. Am the one who uploaded kwa twitter ( Road Alert Ke)


waah, thanks, nimeona findeo kwa huo uzi mwingine

Nairobi - Nakuru highway is one of the ’ safest’ stretches of the highway to drive through due to the fact that it has very few trucks, trailers ( not that they are to blame) most accidents are due to reckless driving. 2NK have matatu’s that ply that route daily the drivers are very keen ( the most careful for matatu’s) you never hear of accidents. We need to drive safe.

Hio ni scary. That part ya mbathi bursting in flames after a collision

I really don’t know who will ever bring sanity to our roads. This is one sector that has claimed so many lives. The sector is in need of Michuki /Matiangi.

I fear that road kabisa. Afadhali I use Thika-Mangu-Flyover one

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You have said to hell with anonymity CO?