Academic fraud

[SIZE=5]So many STD’s [… Sexually Transmitted Degrees …] around … !!! :D:D[/SIZE]



Kuna mmoja kanairo

It all started with Baba’s fake engineering qualifications

Did Konyagi1 complete his first degree?

No,@rexxsimba, this is not what @Koolibah meant by “body of work”, mende Mzee.:D:D

My point still stands …
There are a lot of STD’s [ Sexually Transmitted Degrees ] floaing around … !!!:smiley:

Hapo Niko nyuma yako.


Na Linturi

Baba is a proud certified welder from East Germany

Mmmmm …

  • Johnstone Kamau Muigai AKA Jomo Kenytatta was a Kiambu Council Water Meter Reader.
  • Daniel Arap Moi was a Primary School Teacher.

Mganda umevuta nini leo nugu hii?

How would you establish one performs better than the other?


Paul Ngei used to mock Kenyatta for his “7 degrees”.