Academic fraud

On Thursday,last week, EACC arrested one Zinje Jumaa Mwadama accused of forging 4 academic certificates to secure a Government job at KEPHIS, thus, fraudulently acquiring Kes. 4,746,834.38 from the public being the cumulative salary earned on fake academic qualifications.

Appearing before Milimani Chief Magistrate Felix Kombo, the accused pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of offences including forgery, uttering false documents, providing false information to a public entity, and fraudulent acquisition of public property being the salary earned.

He is accused of forging a KCSE Certificate from KNEC, a Certificate in Agriculture and Transcripts from Pwani University (formerly Kilifi Institute of Agriculture), and Diploma Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development from Baraka Agricultural College, Molo.

The suspect was released on a bond of Kes. 3 Million. The case will be mentioned on 8 June 2023. Academic fraud has an adverse effect on the national economy and could compromise the integrity of Kenya’s education system which is rated highly at the global and regional levels.

The dude worked backwards. First identify the job you want then make appropriate forgeries to meet the expectations.

I gather you must be replying to somebody I must have muted?

This went too far usually they just sack you

Then deny the right person the opportunity, someone who probably has a vision for the institution and the passion for the job!

But you mean he couldn’t regularise his qualifications during his tenure? A few years ago there was this guy who forged KASNEB certificates in 1977 and was in employment till he was found out. I was asking myself, couldn’t this guy not study the same thing during the over 30 years he was ‘imposting’?

Parastatals usually report, it’s private sector which ends such issues quietly not to appear inept in carrying out due diligence which can ruin their reputation/brand.

Not really, most govt employees are a lousy lot. The imposter could even work better since he has a lot more to prove. All the same he should be out or not gotten the job in the first place.

I agree, but some have a vision and truly love what they do.

Hii serikali ya sasa haichezi. Nowadays, headcounts with documents verification is rampant in both county & national governments.

What do they have to say about Jambas who completed his PhD akitangatanga all over, Jumwa who got a masters after form 2 then proceeded to acquire her undergrad ama waititi mwenye alienda India kusoma Bcom bila passport?

If they haven’t arrested Joho, waititu and Ruto hiyo ni mnyambo ya punda.

Academia colossus nimeland tena. OP hana degree. Uttering of false documents ain’t a recognised form of academic fraud. Academic fraud occurs in schools and scholarly settings and involves the deliberate effort to deceive and includes plagiarism, fabrication of data, misrepresentation of historical sources, tampering with evidence, selective suppression of unwanted or unacceptable results, and theft of ideas. An example of academic fraud is for example @Azor Ahai claim that @Jimit has a 15ft foreskin that he uses to bait omena with in Lake Victoria or the claim by @chap that @poyoloko once left Mlolongo at the speed of lightening, uaed condom flying off his tail after a Balozi fest with @PHARMACY. These are clearly fabricated lies being passed across as serious data worth making conclusions about.

Buda! Banaaa

I used exactly the same title EACC used in its website. However you are right. The title should have been simply uttering false academic documents

This guy knows how it goes. The rest is chokosh opinions.

What if he shows that he performed as well if not better than the “right person”, would he have a case?

No. A time would come when he’d rise up the ranks and shame his entire country when he is found to be a fraud. Imagine if Wangari Maathai was found out to have a fake degree when receiving the nobel?

But Nobel is about one’s body of work, so if the body of work checks sans degree?

Yes, but in this case remember the guy has to maintain his new status as a degree holder. The journalists really dig in when you start becoming famous beyond your village.