Absurd Budget Estimates

I have a few pointers on budget estimats.i can see figures being thrown here n there n I’m asking what is our priority e.g

1.Kshs.10billion for environment conservation.what am I missing here.

2.Ksh.15 billion for sport’s??which sport’s will cost this much mind you only 125million will be set aside for refurbishment of stadiums

3.Ksh.105 billion for prison and police
4.Only 146 Billion allocated for the Big 4 Agenda which is basically where the big ticket should go.

I find so much mismatch in the budget estimate.take Time if you can and go through it.

Manufacture 10 billion a country of misplaced priority. Budget 800b deficit.

If u read government expenditures for 2020/21 budget,25 Billion was set aside for fuel, that’s 68M per day on fuel!!!

No MPs is concerned

This is fuel on gov cars?

Why can’t they budget within their income.that 800 is definitely coming from loans,which Will have interest rates which Will have to be paid by us through hiking cost of goods n services

Yea but it’s quite a lot

Environment is PR to please the west and open up funding for environment activities. It is a sweetner

Mtado? Mtaletewa leso, kofia na t shirt tukikaribia august ziwakoroge akili hadi 2027.

When will people understand there is no relation between budgetary allocations and the peoples priority projects.

Money is sent to where it can easily be eaten