About this last redacted word in the CS letter...

ATA Sudan unrest was breaking news?it’s called news.and ur stupit drone was downed like a dragon.

Huyo hawezi taja Uhuru, will probably do it while insulting akina tuju and the Mt Kenya ministers.

Soma Reuters ya jana uelewe nini inaendelea :


Even the foreign minister of Iran admits that it’s the people around Trump who want war not Trump himself.

Trump only wanted a situation like the one with North Korea. Wakutane mahali and start some sort of final negotiation or fonal solution to this never ending conflicts. But Arabs are complicated people.

Meanwhile akina Netanyahu wanaona this is the perfect chance and they are not very wrong… but the human cost will be insane.

Lakini descendants wa NEBUCHADNEZZAR si macheso. Pia hao wako na mavitu S400 ni mwoto ya kuotea kwa jirani. Hapa wanawangoja mpeleke kihehere yenu na hizo Navy aircraft carriers wazisink zote na huyo tufrigate twenyu. In short after a month US hawatakua na Navy.

Hiyo hainihusu,Iran 1:0 USA

Na ukweli kabisa hayakuhusu. For once we agree on something. Hayakuhusu, lakini lazima uskie the need kuingize mapua yako ndani… hata yasiyo kuhusu.

You are talking about strait of Homuz, right? The aerial bombardment Iran watatwangwa… sijui kama ulikuwa area in year 2003 uone Iraq. The U.S would light up that Iranian night sky, that alone would literally kill their spirit. On one side wewe ni Iranian soldier and on the other side you don’t know if your whole extended family living in a single apartment block has been reduced to rubble.

Let me backtrack to Iraq. Saddam had thousands of soldiers in the regular army and in the special revolutionary guard headed by his son Qusay.

What happened after the U.S bombardment? Nyang’au zilitoa uniform zikaenda home kukaa na familia… :D:D:D

Zilisema fuck the dictator and his war. The generals just escaped to Syria. Out of about 15,000 special guards the U.S arrested only 7,000. The rest disappeared.

And the same would happen in Iran or even China ile huwa mnasifu hapa. Dictator kawaida huachanishwa kwa mataa pekee yake. If China was to fight with India YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED!!

Back to Iran. The U.S would win the battle but probably the war wiuld be tricky.

Terrorists funded by Iran might get busy with suicide bombings and what not. Na Shia ni wengi sana. Na terrorist cell zao ziko kila mahali.

Others also say that installing a puppet govt. in Iran would be quite tricky. Plus Iran is too big for the U.S to oversee as a whole, it would probably fracture into smaller war zones. Lakini kwa kutwangwa in the actual battle, hio itaisha by August this year. Aftermath ndio shida.

If the USA did not win the Afghanistan war, what makes you think it will win war with Iran? If it bombs Iran, the government will cramble. The army will dissintergrate yes. But the aftermath will be too hot to bear.

Have they ever won any war anyway.any!!?

We are 2019 yaliyo pita ni hekaya. This time sio nyinyi mko na technology.

What do you mean?

Exactly that.when did USA ever win a war?!

Ndio hizo all instances :


Have u even read that own goal u just posted

Nani wako na technology?! Mtawacha pang’ang’a boss. Ile pang’ang’a iko ktalk ndio mingi.

Own goal gani tena?

Tutashinda hivi juu unapenda ku argue on nonsensical points.

Najua unajaribu kusema Iraq na Afghanistan. Na hio ni kesi iliisha zamani. Saddam hata ashaoza. Obama didn’t know what to do post war with both countries.

Iraq has a fledgling democracy. Give it time. Hata Kenya bado tunaongea kuhusu assassinations.

Hata wewe jiulize: Have we “won” in Somalia?

In your mind unafikiria ati winning ni kuua kila kitu Somalia. We kill all the men, women, children, goats cows, cockroaces…

And make Somalia part of Kenya…

Si hivyo ndio unafikiria?!

Hehehe ujinga itakumaliza.surrendering is the way to go.

Ati surrendering?!

Young man, wars are fought with OBJECTIVES abd GOALS sio mambo na kuuana ama hii kitu unaita ku surrender.

For instance, the day we see Iraqis calmly electing leaders in a democratic fashion or carrying on business without invading their neighbours in Kuwait that is a victory! It may not happen overnight but you work towards it.

The same way multiparty democracy was achieved in Kenya. It took years of fighting, negotiations, killings, bloodshed… until today you can go on ktalk and say whatever crap is on your mind because we have a katiba that gives you numerous freedoms and privileges.

The day we see some form of peace in Somalia… NORMALCY. The day we’ll see no more terrorist organisations. The day we’ll see a form of govt., cohesion, organisation that is the day we will know that all the work started from Kibaki era meant something. THAT IS THE WIN!

Even in Syria sio ati it’s all lost. No way. Assad knows his family will not rule forever. He could very well be the last President from the Assad family.

Hata pale Russia the metrosexual is a passing cloud. Democracy is a beckoning alright. Same with China.

So victory sio SURRENDER, ni process. Ya miaka chache ama miaka mingi sana.

The Emperor of Japan surrendered to the U.S in 1945.


That is the Japanese foreign affairs minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signing the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on board USS Missouri as General Richard K. Sutherland watches, September 2, 1945.

But that is not a victory for the U.S. or her allies.

Millions were dead. Cities completely destroyed in Japan, Europe etc.

This was/is the victory :


They rebuilt and stopped being assholes to their neighbors.