About the ufos the other day..

enyewe ata mi niliingizwa, they were high altitude balloons with those new ultra hd spy cams developed by the yanks. They call it argus. It’s got 1.8 billion pixels (kama una neon kicka nows the time to toss it) and can basically cover all of central nai. Remember that crappy movie ‘eye in the sky’? Yeah something like that except not a satellite, satellites aren’t real cause space is not real cause there’s a giant glasslike dome covering earth. That is how we have an atmospherically pressurized system. There, now aren’t you happy about the new thing you’ve learnt today? You’re welcome.


And what’s outside that ‘glasslike’ dome?

Fuck that I have even a bigger story



And what’s outside nothing?


No… thing…

And that’s the end of your short expedition?
Man! You can’t even convert a gypsy…


Sasa kama hakuna kitu nini ingine naeza adisia?
Well gypsy, for the sake of argument, how would we have an atmosphere next to a vacuum that’s not strong enough to overcome a gravitational field that’s too weak to keep birds and other stuff on the ground? Also heat transference doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it’s how tea flasks work.


:D:D:D:D this is just insane


Are you questioning or giving facts? So if theres vacuum out there, it’s supposed to pull out atmosphere?
Then let’s assume there was a glasslike dome. Shouldn’t there be an equalised atmospheric pressure? Yet the higher you go the less dense it becomes; less air, less pressure, less gravitational pull…
You dont have to question proven facts, counter with your own facts.

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We live in a world where flat earth is a serious issue

Kihii Kiaganu unasumbua peleka conspiracy zako mathare mental hospital

Nilikuwa na Wale watu wa boda wanateganga apo grogon nikiona izo UFO zako za upuzi

@screwplus , enyewe that is real insane how can one say that Finland doesn’t exist, its like saying UG is not real waaah… as for @Haniafu , Hiyo theory yako haileti, with all proven facts from things like GPS , live streaming of EPL, from majuu to ISS that just overflew kenya just the other and space shuttle, so many facts go against yr “thoughts”.



Well for starters gravity is nonsense, now that that’s out of the way, the higher you go because of less atmospheric weight on you you loose buoyancy, same countereffect as going deep under water. Also ask yourself why you’ll never see any of those silly ‘space’ rockets go straight up. They can’t. They’ll go smack into the dome aka firmament. Your said proven facts are nonsensical at best, you’d see that if you did like just five minutes of objective research.

I’m not calling them conspiracies, just outright lies.

All fake and doctored footage.[/user]

Kuna kitu no one seems to be able to explain, mnajua thermos ya chai aka vacuum flask, it does not heat up on the outside or poesha chai cause there is no heat transference mechanism (atmosphere to conduct the heat) to facilitate the loss/transference of said heat(hiyo chupa ya ndani Ina layer mbili na vacuum katikati). Sasa bearing in mind this proven little science experiment in your kitchen, how does a sun in the vacuum of space work?

Just for arguments sake, who built the dome?

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