About the Taliban. The world is a very confusing place.

The US plans these things many years ahead, the sooner you realize the mind games the better for your understanding.
Unfortunately it’s been a pattern in their way of doing things, though things are shifting and now their agendas are pushed indirectly through pawn countries, through arm twists and black mail like mentioned.
Guys have killed their soldiers and many people for nothing but chasing after dominance.
The 9/11 investigations found alot of loopholes in the whole scenario.
I doubt even the e/Africa mess was staged to fit a narrative.

Because the war on terrorism was created by America and it’s no longer beneficial now they move to next phase. Whatever they come up with African countries will sing to that tone.

However, did you not see how they blocked Kenyas war on terrorism resolution inside the UN…

Kenya is late on the game it’s inevitable to withdraw Kenyan troops

Pea mimi link ya hii documentary ama jina

They were called Taliban, then Al Qeida, then ISIS. Can’t keep up with these media driven names/classifications. A terrorist is a terrorist.

Taliban is an Afghanistan militant group that was set up in 1994 by mullah Mohammed Omar with the help of Pakistan to take over Afghanistan

Al Qaeda didn’t have REAL TROOPS…but were offered refugee in Afghanistan

ISIS Ni upuzi ya obama

The globalists who have been in power in previous US administrations love war, but Trump is anti-war.

For instance, the interventionists, from thousands of miles away decided to take out strongman Gaddafi and bring ‘democracy’ to Libya, and look now at the life of the average Libyan, while the same interventionists enjoy their quiet safe idyllic lives in the surbubs of America.

Correct me if I was wrong. I read somewhere that the Arab Spring took out Gaddafi from power. And it was the French who led his final demise.