About the Taliban. The world is a very confusing place.

George Bush alisema they are are bad people… vile!!! They need to be crashed!

Na akasema they caused 9/11!

CNN and other western media sang of their brutality for weeks and months and years. Tukaambiwa ni watu wabaya sana. Wanyama.

American and other western troops died in Afghanistan fighting Taliban. We were told they have been crashed na tukaoneshwa the new puppet president.

Kidogo kidogo tena sijui the U.S is supporting Taliban in Syria…:eek:

Kidogo sijui the U.S is negotiating peace with Taliban… :D:D:eek::eek:

They were even to meet Trump in Camp David yesterday…:eek::eek:

And their leaders are very healthy chaps. Mambuyu wanono sana walking very confidently. Ati hao ndio walikuwa crashed. :D:D:D

Cheki findio hapa :


I wouldn’t be surprised to hear chini ya maji, “And in other news President Uhuru met with leaders of Al Shabaab today in a low key meeting to negotiate peace. They met at the Mombasa state lodge…”

Ama pale Nigeria, " The president met Boko Haram leaders today…"

One of the people who supports Taliban on this forum is @spear .

Like most of you anyone who is America’s enemy is spear’s friend. :D:D

Let’s imagine a scenario where Taliban eventually overrun Afghanistan and build their pure Muslim state. Let’s say the year is 2028.

Wewe kama @spear your uncle is president and you now live in state house with him. You are saying that you would gladly loot kshs. 15 million from state coffers and go on holiday to Afghanistan?!

You are saying you would gladly take your family to visit and see the victorious mujahideen called the Taliban who defeated the white imperialist?

Does that mean that you fellows also support Shabaab (chini ya maji, deep in your hearts)?

Since the U.S is anti Al Shabaab therefore, Shabaab to you guys is the true leader of Somalia?!!

Hii dunia ni tooooooo confusing. I noticed ni kama Duale leans towards them.

War is expensive

You still scratching your head trying to spin how this meeting was long planned by Obama.

So watu wachape compromise? Fuck politicians manze. And after all those soldiers have died.

The lead advisor to Nixon during Vietnam war, walitoa documentary yake juzi. In the 80s he met the top Vietcong general at a dinner.

The vietcong general with tears in his eyes asked him very angrily, “Why did you have to wait until after all these bloodshed to stop the carnage and yet you personally you had the power to stop it much earlier?!”

We are but pawns.


USA created ISIS and they also created Al Qaeda. USA has been carrying out False Flag Ops since the 1800s to justify illicit wars.

Huyo kwanza alikuwa worse. He already struck deals with Iranians. This negotiation with Taliban was going on as he was president.

And we have heard the rumours of how he used Taliban in Syria to try and overthrow Assad.

He didn’t want to send American soldiers so he used what he could find. He used drones and terrorists like a true gangster from Chicago.

Na @mayekeke alisema Isil ni mali ya Obama na Soros. :D:D

We don’t have conclusive proof of that yet, but…

War is a lucrative business, always has been

Every politician in history uses thugs. Putin uses the Russian mafia, he supports chechen rebels when it suits him… he uses battle hardened mercenaries a lot.

Russia mainly supports the ruthless Farc guerrillas in Colombia in the weapons and drug trade. That’s their main group in controlling global drug trade.

America had Pablo Escobar, USSR had Farc. And they both killed millions.

Gathecha uses… wacha niseseme. :smiley:

Iran uses everyone. Including shabaab. Iran doesn’t even give a fuck whether you are Shiite or Sunni bora you do what they want.

Israel uses all manner of groups to achieve her ends.

So wote ni wakora. Hata wewe mwenyewe. :D:D

Taliban ndio Kimwarer na Arror dam scandal ya mayuu, different settings, but meant to achieve the same results.

Kuna wazito kwa hii Dunia Banaa.



Then, kuna Muriu, jamaa wa mkono.


So what you are saying is U.S had Alqaeda and Russia had Taliban?

Definitely Taliban received Russian support during the recent Afghan war. And mara they were linked to Obama… mara to Putin during the recent Syrian war.

But Osama Bin Laden was too hard headed to be an American pawn. Maybe he went rogue.

Sani calls them stable geniuses. :smiley:

This is the reason am against our occupation in Somalia . Our soldiers have died for some excuse of a joke. The occupation just serves some interests of some people here in Nairobi

Probably so, there were hushed up reports about the fellow being ex cia

Kidogo tu utaskia ati Somalia should be an “all inclusive” govt… :D:D

We should all join hands and work together to make a stronger and united Somalia. :smiley:

Halafu waitishe elections featuring former Shabaab rebels. Handshakes galore. Fuck KDF soldiers… Fuck Westgate… Fuck Dusit… Fuck Garissa Uni. victims… Fuck Mpeketoni… etc etc.

Hio ni ancient history. Hao ni martys, collateral damage…

Ni kama hapa South Sudan, mara Machar is bad… mara he is good…

And they never kill him! If he is sick they always rush him very quickly to the very best hospitals on earth. :D:D

Fuckin’ politicians.

Taliban was formed in the early 1990s by an Afghan faction of mujahideen,some gheep shaggers who had resisted the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan (1979–89) with the covert backing of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and its Pakistani counterpart, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI),their honeymoon was shortlived when uncle sam decided to get slices from other goat ferkers :D:D:D:D

Leo umepost kitu ya maana. Weka PAYBILL nitume ya muratina.


Point of correction

~Under Obama,US was on the same side with ISIS

~US didn’t create ISIS,but Obama played a great deal in it’s formation and growth

Remember after Obama took over,he was on a mission to appease Muslims.

So he wanted to close down Guantanamo Bay and CAMP BUCCA in Iraq

Guantanamo was difficult kidogo

He went to CAMP BUCCA

The then prime minister Nouri al-Maliki protested the decision of releasing ALL the prisoners in CAMP BUCCA

Obama alijifanya mjuaji

33 of 36 ISIS founders including it’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi were a proud alumni of camp bucca

Mr. Trump aliangalia hivi kuhusu hio meeting pale Camp David akaona enyewe this would be too much betrayal to the fallen soldiers. Akajitoa the last minute. He is not perfect but at least he knows when not to piss on the graves of fallen warriors.




politicians are very selfish people, yani families have lost their fathers , sons , daughters , mums …and someone is willing to meet the Taliban after all those yrs

kwanza hiyo ya Garissa university huniuma hadi leo, very painful