About coup leaders

All these young boys couping their leaders are nothing but a bunch of lazy low IQ dimwits whom need discipline. Most are shitty and revert to blaming the West to gain relevance (if at all there is any)

Their countries are piss poor and the minerals they keep wailing about can be found elsewhere in huge quantities. Also, in a few years time, most minerals would be lab produced (like diamonds) rendering their boogeyman useless and obsolete.

They are no better than the couped leaders and they have no concrete plan to develop their countries and are living on the edge because the way they came in is the way they would go out.

Russia would not magically solve their woes but would only add to their misery. Russia isn’t interested in their wellbeing but rather their “minerals” which aren’t even worth anything.

They should stop the sideshow and help their countries reach atleast $1k gdp per capita. Otherwise wote ni meffi


Umeishi USA ukakua brainwashed by biden farts . Long live Putin

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Relax brother. When a coup favours the west they are good with it. They will even plan and execute one if its too slow in coming. Like they did in 2014 in yukrane, overthrowing a democratically elected govt in the middle of yurope - of all places.

Just kubali one has been scored against you and move on. And after all, after if you believe in the benevolence of the west we are unable to help you out.