Abortion in nairobi

My friend wants an abortion using the pill. I’ve warned her against it but she won’t listen. Where can she do a safe one?


tell her to get a tattoo on her tummy written Ctrl + Alt + Delete …then tel her to press it…hard.

Wacha abebe her own cross!!

how old is the pregnancy? na huyo friend naona ni wewe, what’s ur usual handle?

Just fix her up with @Swidfil Makanje and his jackhammer will smash that budding foetus into porridge.

or @Badanga Mkunyutili


@Luther12 Please come with the MVA kit or mawaidha.

just use cytotec

[ATTACH=full]62385[/ATTACH]Option 2

Once upon a time in the USA I paid for an abortion. It is a nice option to have.
Legalize it.

abortion is a SIN


What’s is right and what is wrong?
lets Start from there and not all these tales of a sky wizard by the moonlight.


No abortion please

Had someone decided to follow your thinking, you would have become a statistic long ago!

If you really have to enda Marie stopes eastleigh, but reconsider first. Kupata ball especially kama ulipeana ikusde roho safi si kitu ya kufanya upate stress.

marie stopes cheap and proffesional
they have a time frame of about 12weeks if im not wrong ikipita hapo sahau

just asking coz i guess abortion is illegal unless it is threatening the life of the mother…so what reason do u give ndo wafanye abortion in the absence of clear immediate threat to the life of the mother?