Wacha niendeleshe idleness…


My mother in-inlaw caught me and my husband making LOVE in our bedroom and my hubby was busy licking my pussy, infact she saw everything and when she couldn’t continue watching it she shouted ABOMINATION
that was when we knew that she really caught us,
Since then she don’t talk to me again, she don’t eat my food or take my cup,
Anytime i cook for the house she will go outside and get food for herself,
Her son is not in support of her at all so yesterday he told her to go back to the village and instantly gave her money which she did today without even weaving me goodbye but this is the woman i loved a lot the truth to be told she never hurts me in anyway before
But i thinking the incidents she saw hurts her a lot, i wanted to apologize to her but hubby said i should never do that bcs anyhow he made love to his wife is none of her business
But am not happy with myself at all, I don’t no how to get her love back
What if she tells our town people and my husband siblings?
I don’t even know what to think. Advice needed please.

Watu watoke kwa mama zao bana.

Mama’s boys manenos for real.

You should not feel guilty of anything, that’s your husband n not of her business how you have sex, my biggest worry now is why his dick was not in your mouth…

That’s a fake story

hio ni starehe yako na hubby wako hafai kuingilia au kukasirika coz unamstaresha kijana wake bora hivo sio kumpata ako inje kwa wengine ! maybe wazee wazamani hawajui hizo styro !

What business does you Mother have in you Bedroom …??? :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the only question. On the other hand, the writer sounds so wild, she may have been locked in the"Doshi Divorce" position so she must have been screaming on top of her lungs, “You murdering me! You murdering me-o!” prompting the old lady to come running.

The “Doshi Divorce Position” …??? :stuck_out_tongue: