Abiy vows to wipe out Tigrayians for 100 years


The Ethiopina army was beaten back like burukenges ! nn ana sema !

Lakini Hata kama, nyumba ya MTU Ni ngumu umpige Sana akiwa kwake

Unsubstantiated bullshit. Sasa EU envoy akisema lazima ikuwe ukweli? Where’s effidense? Ata Saddam tuliambiwa ako na silaha hatarrri sana. We all see Egypt’s hidden hand in these international attempts to de-legitimize the Ethiopian government through propaganda. The GERD must be completed. Having said that, tuko nyuma ya musito Abiy. Wipe out those Tigray ghaseers.


Capitan don’t just put it in your head on wiping up out the tigrey, u know the repurcussions, so let’s be sober address the conflict seriously, if ur rela was there

My concern is how the shenanigans will affect Kenya. Which horse should we covertly support?

Hapa ile 3D chess inachezwa… Egypt yao ni GERD/Nile, West huenda wanataka China-leaning AU itii. Ethiopia ni AU headquarters na huenda wao ni example kama Libya, ibabaike kisha iingie box ndio watulize Tigrays.
Bidenstan specifically are ending one forever war (Afghanistan) na lazima military-industrial complex weapons zitafutiwe alternate market. Eritrea na Sudan ni territorial opportunism or hidden China hand.
PM Abiy must be confused af! No wonder UK alienda huko kama amewekelea body-armour zake zote. The whole joint is a tinderbox

Foreign investment that would have gone to ethiopia itakuja kenya. If ethiopia collapses there will be an influx of good poosie coming from the north:D:D:D

Hatutaki habesha puthie…we have had enough of kirinyagah …:D:D

That man is Africa’s stupidest leader. At a time when he needed to unite the country, he decided to start a divisive civil war and is now on the verge of running completely broke. Atoke aende.