Abiy kunukisha otunguu


Abiy’s was a tactical retreat. Mambo bado

Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has won the sixth national election by a landslide, sweeping over 410 of the 546 parliamentary seats in the first round.

Tuko nyuma ya musito Abiy, ghaseer hazifai kutisha serikali. Finyaaa Tigrays.

This nonsense should never happen in kenya,good thing about kunia is few people from almost every tribe came together and formed a power cabal .
They just manipulate bonobos and after shabby elections they come together and eat like brothers as fools sing mtu wetu .

I called it a tactical retreat earlier this week. Ille vumbi those tigrayans will see, wacha tu.

hapo sawa Msito Abiy.

But the cursed roaches aka the somali yaani everywhere you go ni chaos tu. in their region somalis are causing chaos mpaka election haikufanyika.

i thought mulisema Ethiopian somalis have been tamed.

chief cockroach @Bingwa Scrotum