Abiy escapes to Turkey?

Huyu jamaa who traded a nobel prize for a civil War ni kama ametoroka. Apparently OLA are on the outskirts of Addis. TDF are advancing from the North. It seems like the country will fall apart. Moyale Road is already cut off.

My interest is Kenya. Do we stand to gain anything? Ata kama wanaume tutapewa mrembo mmoja kila mtu from Ethiopia.

We shall gain refugees



Info from my guy in moyale. Very legit

Kenya should position itself to benefit from the misfortune of neighbors. The government should figure a way of attracting capital from Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Sudan while preventing the influx of refugees by detaining them in camps.

Get as much money from these countries as possible, and only allow the wealthy people from these countries into Kenya. Half of their money should be in Kenyan banks. If the next president plays his/her game well, these countries will help in paying these Chinese loans bedeviling us.

Kamua wale mamboch umezoea tu. Habesha hufiki bei

Upuus, Kumbe you also got your shitty side. Why celebrate others misfortunes.

I said take advantage, not celebrate their conflict. Wacha upuss. That capital will flow elsewhere anyway if not Kenya. Why not tap it??

If your neighbor gets a medical emergency and has to sell his plot cheaply, what do you do?? You sympathize with him/her and buy the plot. If you don’t someone else will buy it anyway. Does it mean that you are celebrating his misfortune?? Wacha upuzi.

That looks like a state visit, which head of state flees so publicly? Yule president wa Afghanistan alikua received hivi wakati alifika UAE? It looks like Turkish weapons are about to be tested on Ethiopian rebels. Abiy probably headed there because from past experience, Turkey’s military industry doesn’t have a lot of red tape. Erdogan promises you support and it arrives within weeks.

Obviously ameendea Military Aid, Turkish made drones will be tested on Rebel na watakiona.

Rich or poor somali wote ni alshaba to me.

I don’t give a fuak about Somalis, South Sudanese, Ethiopians, Europeans or anyone. It’s their money that matters, not the actual people. That’s why we should only let the wealthy ones in and let the poor ones stay in refugee camps because they are more trouble than they are worth if let in.

We already attract capital from Somalia na South Sudan. I think we should also offer incentives and bank secrecy.

True. Kenya should be like Switzerland with regard to banking regulations.

Just a thought for safaricon who just paid a huge bribe to secure a Telcom license in a Shithole country.
@Midget must go.

Ethiopians are not Africans.

Ukiangalia hio deal safaricom is just one party kuna watu wengi wataumia. Hio license walikua wanamezea mate for some time venye walipata chance ya kuipata hawakufikiria vizuri.

If Ethiopia falls, East Africa we are fucked