Aberdare forest fire

Wanakijiji…what is the news on aberdare forest fire? Word is that the forest has been burning for days lakini ni kama kuna media black out about it.

Today at machakos have seen hills which were beautiful and evergreen ,ugly and dry . I felt truly climate change is real

Basic ecology. Periodic fires of natural or man made origin are followed by rapid rejuvenation.

Beautiful hills in machakos that are evergreen?, are you for real?

Huko hakukosangi moto hizi first few months of the year…Charcoalburner manenoz

Charcoal burners hawawezi fika huko. It’s honey-gatherers who start the fires.

Yeah, precisely

Yeah, precisely

Fire has always been a good way of rejuvenating forests. After a few months of rain the vegetation will be back