Abba, Mundu mulosi, Uwes whats brewing here?

COTU boss Francis Atwoli and CS Eugene Wamalwa visit retired President Daniel arap Moi in his Kabarak home.
leteni uhondo

That man will hit a century.

2022 of course

Political manoeuvres za Man Gidi.

Very strong man.

:D:D musalia in making

Atwoli’s voice : nani ananileteako hii kachai na hii kikombe. ata haoni niko na koti ya plue, … MUSHIENZIIIIII!!!.. MUSHIENZIIIIII

Moi alichora kweli kweli, looted the country for 24 years and did other ills to the citizenry, then retired peacefully in his Kabarak home .

Hehe, the professor of politics has politically outmanouvered the grim reaper. Huyo jama will live atleast 20 more years

Kenyans have no courage to right the historical wrongs.
Wahindi used to grab lands thinking they will never get caught. They’re in panic mode

Sasa nitajuaje ni nini ilikuwa imewapeleka huko. Eunice najua ni tumbo tu alikuwa mepeleka, hao wengine mimi apana jua.

Panapo “wazee”, hapakosi chai

:D:D:D:D:D ya busuma na miseveve?

Moi is dying. Ukiona anasalimiwa akiwa ameketi. So everyone is going to give salamu za mwisho.

they was a time every other hindi used to be a police reservist, paklands and westlands was no place for mwafrika to loiter . then add the arrogance, they used to come to government office and order people around, ati so and so amesema.
Hon. Murugaru brought to end the police reservist thingy, and Kibaki administration got them on tax evasion, then the okuyu pushed them out of down town nairobi.

My thoughts:-

The political elite are creating a precedent which they hope will transcend generations and entrench their position “forever”.

Ati unless they “knight” you, you are a nobody. A nobody will never ascend to any significant political position.

What is happening here is the “knighting”. That’s why every unlikely tom,dick and harry is jostling to be photographed with moi-butu.

He has the characteristics zile za mwili kugive in, yaani maisha imefika maximum. One or both eyes inazima, mostly one halafu inamwaga machozi throughout. Wrinkles disappear and replaced by swollen tissue around the face. All these is preceded by senility. Yote hayo naona imefanyikia Toro. Jicho moja imedim already.

Maze iyo longi ya Atwoli


it’s a high time they let him rest.