Ababu's Womanizing Days Are Numbered

UDA MPs Pile More Pressure on Ababu Namwamba

Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba is a man under siege from his own United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party after its members expressed concerns over how he is handling his docket.

On Sunday, Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei became the latest parliamentarian to castigate the CS for what he termed as the exploitation of athletes in the country.

Faith Kipyegon and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba at the JKIA

In support of Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah’s allegations that Namwamba was underperforming in the sports docket, Cherargei remarked that the ministry was being mismanaged into oblivion.

“How can ministry officials fly first class with their girlfriends to Budapest, Hungary at the expense of our athletes?” Cherargei posed at the current World Athletics Championships.

Wanja Ngare (left) displays some of her artistic work with Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba

The Senator alleged that female athletes were being exploited by unidentified officials in the sports ministry.

“Parliament must summon CS sports to avert disastrous mismanagement of our sports,” he ended his dress down on the CS.

Kimani Ichung’wah had on Thursday, August 17, vowed to summon the CS to parliament to answer claims that athletes were being neglected.

In particular, Ichung’wah was infuriated by reports that the CS and the entire ministry had neglected athletes who represented Kenya at the Berlin Games.

Speaking on the floor of the house, Ichung’wah admonished the CS by telling him that the work of a minister was not to fly flags in the streets and bulldoze his way through traffic with Subaru escorts.

He reminded Namwamba that he was appointed to serve the sportsmen and women of this country.

Joining the bandwagon, Kileleshwa MCA, Robert Alai, revealed that Namwamba had refused to sponsor a sports event at his ward.

The Azimio MCA revealed that when he reached out to Namwamba for help, he was told that although funds were not available, the Ministry could send someone to give a speech.

The politician seems emboldened by President William Ruto’s own criticism of his own cabinet and principal secretaries.

While admonishing the Sports CS, Ichung’wah noted that he was taking cue from the President who stated that he knows more about ministries and agencies than the people he appointed.


When the owners of KK talk you have to know that his goose is cooked

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He has such an easy job to do.
Why the he’ll is he underperforming?

Cabinet Reshuffle is imminent…


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Ingekuwa mkale hangemulikwa. Lakini Ababu ni kama after kula ile dancer mluhya hawa jamaa wameshikia yeye machungu sasa.

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This position requires a visionary. Someone who can identify the reasons Kenya does poorly in sports and create a plan to improve. He has no vision. He has failed. Harambee Stars will continue to disappoint for the next 10 years. Kenya Rugby sevens will continue to decline. Hockey, basketball etc. will remain moribund.


Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba broke his silence on Tuesday, August 22, addressing a range of issues that his Ministry had been accused of.

Through his Head of Communications, Pauline Sheghu, CS Namwamba refuted the accusations leveled against him, likening them to character assassination.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the spokesperson criticised Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei for his recent comments. Sheghu firmly stated that the legislator’s claim, alleging that the CS and his associates had flown to Budapest, Hungary on first-class tickets while athletes were grappling with challenges, was entirely false.

Cherargei had accused the Cabinet Secretary and other high-ranking Ministry officials of flying their girlfriends to the tournament at the expense of the taxpayer.

President William Ruto (left) and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba (right) shaking hands at State House on Friday, June 9, 2023

“The allegations they have been putting he is at Budapest. The CS has been around. He has not gone anywhere. He is following austerity measures that have been put forth by the President. Sending a whole lot of people like the last regime is not his kind,” she explained.

“The only people who are there are athletes and the people in charge of sports.”

She also rejected assertions from National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah that Kenyan athletes who represented the nation in various capacities had missed out on their entitled allowances and other benefits.

The Ministry provided reassurance that Kenyan athletes are receiving their allowances punctually and are being fairly compensated for their contributions.

“We give them allowances on time. All sportsmen and women who are outside the country are facilitated in good time that is what the CS wants,” the Ministry clarified.

Regarding the accusations raised by Deputy Speaker Gladys Boss Shollei concerning the Cabinet Secretary’s procurement of counterfeit Adidas kits for Kenyan athletes, Sheghu categorically dismissed these allegations as baseless propaganda.

She clarified that Team Kenya has an existing partnership with Nike, which supplies all the team’s sports merchandise. “Team Kenya has never won Adidas. They are branded by Nike. It is not the CS who brands them,” she explained.

Moreover, the official argued that the partnership with Nike had been in place well before CS Namwamba took over the sports docket.

The communications director went on to emphasise that the political leaders have been engaging in political rhetoric through social media and television appearances, without undertaking the necessary steps to communicate with the Ministry and acquire accurate information.

“His office is an open door policy. That is how he works. No one has tried to reach him,” she revealed how politicians were playing to the public gallery.

To address the false allegations directed at him and the sports docket, the CS has written to Parliament and requested to appear before the House to field questions from lawmakers on the different issues that have been raised.

The CS is scheduled to appear before the National Assembly on Wednesday, August 23, at 2:30 p.m.


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Ababu Namwamba owns two stately homes in Nairobi and Busia and previously gave a tour of the latter The mansion featured a lush green lawn serving as a helipad, scenic views of Lake Victoria, and several boats However, the most unusual design feature was found in the bedroom area and Namwamba explained why he opted for it :slightly_smiling_face:


You see sports is supposed to be the only sole source of employment of Kenyan youths ju PSC imekaza kundu. Lakini Ababu ni nani!


Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has, for the first time, addressed allegations of being in a relationship with Azziad Nasenya, a popular media personality and content creator.

In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke on Friday, the CS denied the allegations, asserting that their interactions were solely professional, stemming from Azziad’s appointment to the defunct Talanta Hela Committee.

Namwamba expressed that Azziad was maliciously and unjustly singled out from the team that was appointed to the Committee in February, with individuals harbouring selfish interests. He thus questioned the motive behind the coordinated attack that followed the appointments.

“Azziad is not my girlfriend. We do not have any relationship whatsoever,” he set the record straight.

“I actually feel sorry for the poor girl. You know for me, I have been in the trenches and when you have been in the public space, you grow the skin of a crocodile on top of a hippo, covered by the skin of a buffalo and you can take all sorts of blows.”

Therefore, the CS urged the public to refrain from tarnishing the reputation of the media personality by spreading baseless and misleading accusations.

“While it is acceptable to keep public servants under scrutiny, it is also not fair to spread rumours and slander the character of other people. It is not right. Why would you want to want to destroy the reputation of somebody who, in my view, is a real hustler?” The CS wondered.

“I believe that Azziad has not been treated fairly, and I have not been treated fairly as well. Azziad is innocent as I am,” he maintained, urging his critics and fake news merchants to tone down on the claims.

Azziad was appointed to the dissolved Talanta Hela Committee by the CS on February 9 to serve in the creative technical committee.

Other notable celebrities appointed to serve on the committee were Churchill Show host Daniel Ndambuki and Spice FM radio presenter Jimmi Gathu. The team was tasked with proposing reliable systems for collecting and distributing royalties to Kenyans in the creative industry.

Notably, the committee was disbanded through a gazette notice on June 9.

Ababu thus questioned why the photo with Azziad during the Talanta Hela launch was selected and used to push hidden and baseless agendas.

When asked about the onslaught he had faced, especially from the Kenya Kwanza team who recently accused him of mismanaging the Sports Ministry, the CS revealed that he sought an audience with parliamentarians and equally addressed their concerns.

He specifically reached out to the National Assembly Leader of Majority, Kimani Ichungwah, and Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei, who claimed that Kenyan athletes wear fake Adidas kits to international tournaments.

According to Namwamba, he managed to understand the issues raised better, adding that he still maintained a cordial working relationship with the duo.

"Immediately, I saw my Majority Leader on the floor, I looked for him and asked him about it, and I could understand where he was coming from and the information that had been given to him.

“Gladys Shollei is my very good friend. We have been in the trenches together and worked together at the Command Center and BOMAS. She explained to me the areas of concerns she had which I can say were genuine,” he explained.

Namwamba has revealed that the government will soon impose a Blank Tape Tax charged on purchases of electronic devices.

While speaking exclusively to Kenyans.co.ke, on Friday, August 25, Ababu noted that Blank Tape Tax will be levied on all digital and electronic devices with the ability to record or produce internet content.

The tax will be imposed on all imported devices, including mobile phones from foreign manufacturers, which have for years enjoyed little taxation in Kenya.

Purposefully, Blank Tape Tax will be used to enhance digital content creation in the country. The Cabinet Secretary argued that the Blank Tape Tax is necessary to protect the rights of copyright holders and content creators in the country.

"The Blank Tape Levy will be very significant and will make the collection of royalties go up ten-fold. This tax will be levied on any gadget that has recording capability.

“It will be imposed on any device including this camera which you are using or a mobile phone that is imported into the country from other countries,” Ababu explained.

According to CS Namwamba, the tax will significantly impact online content consumers, noting that the subsequent programmes will expand the country’s digital economy.

He added that the new levy is part of President William Ruto’s plan to expand the internet economy for content creators, including musicians, who he promised will soon start earning more money from their creative work.

Despite the plans being perceived as ambitious, Ruto was keen on ensuring the government successfully implemented it.

According to the CS, the revenue generated from the levy will be used to establish key facilities all over the country, including digital content creators’ academies, which will train and upskill creatives.

"We are revamping the exercise of royalties collection because that is where the problem is. We are implementing a digital system that will help us collect the royalties digitally.

“The government is also expanding the tax base. I have gazetted new tariffs for collection of royalties for our content creators,” the Sports Cabinet Secretary disclosed.

The money will also be used to promote Kenyan content creators both domestically and internationally. Such a move would help raise the Kenyan content profile and create new opportunities for creators to reach a wider audience.

CS Ababu further observed that if implemented effectively, the policies could help transform the Kenyan creative economy and make it a major economic growth and development driver.

Days after the Youth Affairs, Sports and Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba disbanded the Talanta Hela Council and Technical Committees, consequently revoking the appointment of popular TikToker Azziad Nasenya, the latter now faults the CS of using and dumping her like a tissue paper. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

“Ababu Namwamba alinipepeta kama tarumbeta na hakunipea hata bob” - Azziad Nasenya

In a statement that was sent social media platforms in a frenzy mode, Azziad Nasenya claims that she is among the many innocent young women Ababu Namwamba has been fooling around with.

She explains that she met Ababu Namwamba shortly after he was appointed to the CS job by President William Ruto, one thing led to another and they ended up doing something together.

“He had promised me something big if I gave in to his request. Huyo mtu alinipepeta kama tarumbeta na hakunipea hata bob” Azziad Nasenya quipped.

A section of Kenyans have ganged up on social media platforms to criticize the Tiktoker for only speaking up against CS Namwamba after he revoked her appointment at the Talanta Hela Council and Technical Committees.

Namwamba revoked the establishment of the Talanta Hela Council in a Gazette Notice dated June 9, 2023.

The move by Namwamba came weeks after the High Court suspended implementation of the Talanta Hela Council pending the hearing and determination of a petition filed in court.

Namwamba had, for the first time in August 2023, addressed allegations of being in a relationship with Azziad Nasenya, a popular media personality and content creator.

In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke on Friday, the CS denied the allegations, asserting that their interactions were solely professional, stemming from Azziad’s appointment to the defunct Talanta Hela Committee.

Namwamba expressed that Azziad was maliciously and unjustly singled out from the team that was appointed to the Committee in February, with individuals harboring selfish interests. He thus questioned the motive behind the coordinated attack that followed the appointments.

“Azziad is not my girlfriend. We do not have any relationship whatsoever,” he set the record straight.

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