Ababu Namwamba

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Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary
General and Budalangi Member of Parliament Ababu
Namwamba has hinted at leaving the party just a day
after Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader
Raila Odinga gave him, and his Western counterparts, a
two-week ultimatum to toe the party line or leave.
Speaking at a funeral in Bunyala, the Budalangi MP
stated that he will not be cowed by anyone.

“When someone disrespects me, they disrespect the
Budalangi people. We are free people, we are not slaves
to any person. We make our decisions in a free manner.
Very soon, I will open my heart and tell you what way to
go,” said Namwamba.

The MP warned political leaders against peddling lies to
the public. “There is no one more special than the other. Let us respect each other. Where there is no respect, there can
be no relationship. We are a free people, we can make
independent people, and we can decide whatever we
decide without any external influence,” said Namwamba.
Many leaders from the ODM party have criticised
Namwamba saying he has distanced himself from the
party and accusing him of working more with the Jubilee

“I will not allow anyone to stifle me, telling me I cannot go
there, you cannot speak to this person, this one cannot be
your friend. You want everyone to be your friend but you
cannot allow others to have friends. You want to have a
network but you don’t want others to have a network?”
Namwambawas put on the spot over his absence from
party affairs including the anti-IEBC marches to the
electoral body offices at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi
and the public meetings held after the death of
businessman Jacob Juma.

Reports indicated that attempts by the Namwamba team
to forward their grievances directly to Raila were rejected.
The Budalangi MP was also accused of calling on ODM
supporters to vote for individuals and not parties in the
next elections with the ODM hierarchy saying this would
impede the party’s efforts to have a six piece vote.
The ODM Secretary General, however, denied the

Source : Citizen TV

huyu jamaa sasa anaudhi the watermelon of western kenya

wacha ajiweke na kina paul otuoma, atatoka ajipate peke yake.

He seems to be still immature.

Ababu namwamba ndio ameona mwangaza hapa…

To me he is the most reasonable member of the opposition.doesnt critisize just for the saje of it and doesnt toe the line if the line is made of silly politics.he has matured as a person n as a leader.he stands for what he believes in.n most importantly he doesnt kiss ass

He will be lucky to retain his seat akitoka. Trust me

hii odm ianze dictatorship kama ile ya uhuru. huyu anatuharibia wakati ajenge chama na aende kama ana hiyo influence watu wanadhanianayo.

Waiting for his political suicide.

Huyu in two weeks we will ask him to leave honourably the way we asked Magerer

The same idiot was refusing to mention the president in his oath of office and chose to swear his allegiance to Raila. It took the intervention of Marende for him to utter the correct oath.
How things change.
He must be looking back and realize how foolish he was.


hoe ndee eemm will finish him very soon! he should refer to wot happened to Magerer Lagat.

Politics is politics is politics. The fact that you believe that any of them are ‘reasonable’ and ‘honourable’ means wamekuingiza wewe na kura yako box. Kazi yao ni moja tu. Kukukalia chapo ndio utoe kura.

And the President then was smiling, wonder was his assessment was about this so called Fire Brand. Emilio was in his own class.

Wewe na nani akitoka tunatoka.

He should make his mind already…mara ako ndani mara nje mara deliberating…please! politics is a dirty game and if one can’t take few jabs basi akae kando…

You want everyone to be your friend but you
cannot allow others to have friends. You want to have a
network but you don’t want others to have a network?

Babuon is like the jealous spouse who would fume when they see you talking with members of the opposite sex and conclude you are getting slices from them.

ODM happens to be my party. We cannot afford loosing staunch members by branding them moles or watermelons whenever we differ in opinion. I think we need to listen to their grievances. I know Ababu has earned several followers who will follow him no matter where he heads. Raila is desperate for numbers in order to win in 2017 thus the need to jealously guard even that single vote. @Okiya it is unfortunate you claim to be ODM member and support the Mgerer departure especially the treatment he received.
Letting that boy go will cost ODM dearly.

Okiya is the king of sarcasm. I highly doubt the dude is even ODM/Cord.