Ababu is indispensable, Jubilee jaribuni kwingineko

[SIZE=6]Namwamba is still ODM Secretary General – Raila[/SIZE]
Speaking at Busia Stadium during a rally for MPs who were arrested over hate speech remarks, the CORD leader noted that ODM is a democratic party that is open to criticism/FILE

BUSIA, Kenya, Jun 27 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga has convened a National Executive Committee meeting Wednesday to deliberate issues raised by Party Secretary General Ababu Namwamba and a section of ODM lawmakers from Western region.

Addressing a rally in honour of recently detained Busia County Woman Representative Florence Mutua, Odinga said the meeting will allow all the parties a chance to vent out what they feel is going wrong within the party.

He further assured the ODM supporters that Namwamba is still the party Secretary General.

“Those officials who have something in their hearts will have the venue to come out state it and we will have very open and frank discussions,” said Odinga.

Namwamba and National Vice-Chairman Paul Otuoma (Funyula) last week declared their displeasure with the way CORD is conducting its affairs in the region.

Speaking at Busia Stadium Monday during a rally for the MPs who were arrested over hate speech remarks, Odinga further announced that there will be a free and fair party nomination exercise ahead of the coming polls in 2017.

“Those interested to vie for different political seats of MCAs, Senator, Governor, Woman Rep and the Presidency are free to do so but they should give those in the positions chance to do their work until when time comes” said Odinga.

Namwamba and Otuoma led Western Kenya leaders in expressing concern about how CORD was conducting its affairs in Western region, saying they are not always consulted.

The Budalang’i MP last Tuesday broke his months-long silence saying he was very frustrated as Secretary General by forces that were against his rise to the position.

Namwamba who was said his stand against those who are against his style of leadership in the Orange party has led to some claiming that is a ‘mole’ of the ruling Jubilee Coalition.

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV, the ODM Secretary General said he did not want to work in an environment in which he is “merely tolerated”.

Namwamba and Otuoma skipped the rally which was being held in honour of five CORD MPs who were arrested and charged with hate speech remarks.

Babuon words has no currency, that was meant for the locals there. He will come back to the city and continue the usual. If you can’t sing high praises for him (cheerleaders) and agree with everything he says then you can’t be in his circle of worship.


lakini pia ababu is behaving like a spoilt last born, always sulking and seeing re-assurance


I still remember @spear trying to sound knowledgeable on matters Busia! How can I take his word seriously here? ION, hio kelele inaskika ni ya watu wanataka kuwa govno na seneto tu. Hakuna kitu hapo. Ababu pia akijiona ana nguvu sana atembeze kiatu.

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Don’t worry i also don’t take your words seriously.


After he is through with the Pangani bucket meffi cases,what next?

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The more players in western the better. cord had only madvd to deal with in 2013, Jubilee only campaigned there for 2 days and still got 10% vote which was enough to win. Now they still have to deal with Madvd, stronger Jubilee presence/campaign, sort their issues with ford kenya and now Ababu breakaway with fellow Mp’s.


Secretary General by title but not by function. Jubilee is just watching from the sidelines.

Ababu is definitely not content:

[SIZE=5]Talks needed to resolve ODM’s ‘critical’ issues, Ababu says, defends post[/SIZE]

The JaKuonist brigade is certainly not very welcoming:

[SIZE=5]Raila Odinga allies dare Ababu Namwamba to quit ODM[/SIZE]

The fat toad is as opportunistic as ever, waiting for an arm to fall:

[SIZE=5]Mudavadi welcomes Ababu Namwamba to ANC[/SIZE]

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Ababu alikuwa anaota akidhani atachukua Sec. Gen. hivyo tuu, ati upewe power ya deciding who gets the nomination certificate. Roundi hii, the cost of a nomination certificate itakuwa hivi,
Governors - 30million
Mps, Senators, Women Rep - 10million
MCAs - 2million
Ababu anajaribu kuingia by force mahali wazee wanakula nearly a billion ingali yeye ni kijana mdogo from the wrong side of town. Utapewa an empty title uambiwe “KAA PALE”


Infact some governors and Mp’s are already dishing out cash for a guarantee of odm nomination certificates. Hiyo nominations yao itakuwa vita tena and this time it will sink them. That is why wiper and ford kenya have totally refused joint nominations.


Chama iko imara.


thank god i don’t run around parading verbiage about jubilee claiming to understand it’s anatomy.

Hapo umeongeza chumvi, mdalasini, tangawizi na hoho lakini ni sawa tu.

Na Anyang’ Nyong’o ndiye SG haswa. Kakijana kalipewa kofia yake kacheze nayo ili kanyamaze kulia.


But Ababu comes out the stronger man. He called out babuon’s and ODM’s bluff and they are willing to bend over backwards to accommodate him unless of course babuon is up to his usual political tricks.


Its just 10months salary and for governors its the amount they make from their procurement departments in a month. if a quarter of all seats are auctioned this way, over a billion will be raised

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Ababu is one of the few decent politicians we have in this country, but if he walks out of ODM at the moment, he’ll be crushed! and he knows it!


i agree

Hapanaaaaa,Ababu is like that teenager who thinks every girl in Umoja should be his girlfriend just cos anaishi Buru,kwani the other parties don’t have their own team to comfortably accommodate a pretender,decent politician my foot:confused::confused:

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:D:D:D:D:D:D madame wa umo hawajaambiwa vipoa