Aaaaaa uuui makena makena mwari

A-a-aaa! Uui!

You have probably heard Meru women laugh like that. Or you have probably laughed like that yourself. Did you think it was just a laugh? Think again.

Uui was actually a person, a guy who lived in Meru many many years ago, but whose effects are still felt today. And no, not only because he has his own custom laugh, but because of other things.

Uui was reach, dude had thousands of cattle… But no one wanted to marry him. Why? Dude had one of those donda ndugus, an incurable wound. And true to Meru style then, he was told to stay away from the rest of the community and daughters were told to not go close to him. So the dude stayed alone with his cows which kept growing in numbers, the other men wakikula kwa macho.

moral of the story?



Kuna talker ataenda interview ama aandike official correspondence akitumia Ktalkers language amwage unga. The likes of 'reach, edishen… ’


Guti mantu murume. Ntukantetere mutundu, mikundo. Ngagutema Na kimee, nchovi

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disgusting , kama umelewa enda @Marty McFly akutombe jinga

Unaasema nini?

Na ‘efidense’ especially kama ni advocate :smiley:

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Kwanza mi ‘lokeshen’ imekwama kwa fingertips

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umeita gogina. makena enda akupe gift ya Christmas