A Word to any woman with an unplanned pregnancy

I know how scary it is to have an unplanned pregnancy. Its very scary.So scary especially when you dont have any support from the baby’s dad or your family when you have no job and no medical cover. The thing is however the pregnancy came to be , being pregnant is a life changing experience for all women even married women feel scared , feel overwhelmed so I can only imagine when you are all alone in it and the timing’s all wrong how scary it must be. Coupled with feeling terrible and morning sickness and mood swings its terrible.Let’s admit it. Its scary and its terrible and you wouldnt wish it on your worst enemy.

In the midst of this conundruum, you hardly hear any other side of things than how much trouble you are in, how much money children cost, how you deserve what to be in this mess because you sinned and how you should carry your shameful cross that’ll soon be evident for all to see in humility because choices have consequences. You hear how you should have closed your legs and not had sex outside marriage and with a man who cant even support you.Sometimes the baby daddy even denies paternity and calls you a whore. Men make fun of how much of a whore and an idiot you are being a single mother. And what the hell were you thinking ?

But I want to show you another side of this maniacal conundrum you find yourself in . First and foremost. You need to calm down.You need a peace of mind. You need supernatural and divine help. So you dont need your boyfriend or your friends who are just as shocked as you by your pregnancy. You need to take time to yourself in a serene space. To just calm down because good decisions are never made when you are in a panic and when you are scared and ashamed. You need to talk to someone whose outside your situation meaning not your parents or friends or boyfriend. I believe the best person to talk to whenever you find yourself in any situation thats beyond you is someone who has been where you are , and made it through. Such people act as midwives to hold your hand through difficult situation you are clueless about.

I want you to know you are strong ,as in strong,strong and you have what it takes to handle this k? I want you to know that sometimes when you are in a difficult situation it looks like the world is ending and you have so much tunnel vision you cant see that you have your whole life ahead of you. YOUR WHOLE LIFE. What I can tell you about having children is this. Nowadays marriage is neither here nor there. Lots of people are unhappy in marriage ,lots of people are from broken marriages , and since most people wanna have kids , people are having kids anyway, so eventually if you are like most people you are gonna wanna have kids yes? So if thats the case what’s wrong with having the kid NOW? I mean you are prego anyway so why not just have the child? You dont have the money? But who does? Look at women in slums having 10 kids and they make 100 bob a day? You can do this.

Whoever the baby daddy is a rapist a cruel abandoning baby daddy, I mean even if its the devil himselfu, remember 50% of that child is made up of your DNA ok baby girl? So thats you basically, a small you, a little you. I know, you could get another you LATER when you have the money and the husband right? But then different children have different personality,spirit,looks no child is even remotely similar to another. You can see how unique each human being is. Do you really wanna throw away that one and wait for the next? But theyre different. Even identical twins have different finger prints is how unique each child is.

Motherhood is a life changing experience. Having a whole life depend on you changes you tremendously and mostly for the better. You become more responsible.You grow up faster. Alot is demanded of you as a mother so you discover capabilities you never thought you had. If you told any woman what it really is like to have children many would be dead scared , its a complete leap of faith. You lean on God ALOT . You become a co creator with God. You mould a human life who completely looks up to you. There is just so much redemption in a situation that is such a morass that you cant possibly see anything good in. And thats where God does His best work in situations that look hopeless and as grim as hell. Invite God into the situation afterall He says in His word that He is the Father of the Fatherless. One day at a time. everybody who is a parent takes it one day at a time because its damn overwhelming . This looks like a punishment but it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you and the best gift that came from a situation that right now you cant see any good coming from. Motherhood is a beautiful calling.

Thing is regardless of what anyone thinks of you. God still loves you the same. If not more and His opinion is the only one that really counts. So lean on Him and let Him help you thru this. The Lord loves women a great deal. God loves you more than anything. More than anything ,in the dark times like these. God feels your pain, and knows your shame, God loves your wounded heart thats stumbled into trouble, He reaches down and pulls you out and cleans you up again, He will heal your broken heart thats given up. He is not giving up on you and on that little angel you are carrying. God loves you when you are weary, when you’re too weak to try.

Exceedingly,abundantly , above all you could ask or even think. God is able. Never forget that. Dont give up on God because He aint giving up on you in the journey ahead. Blessings.


Give it up to Jesus …surrender it all to Him and see Him move


Only advise is to stop opening legs before marriage, we stop having bastards scattered around everywhere.
It’s clear no one is able to practice safe sex…

Those ‘bastards’ will see heaven but not you. You wicked man. We we ndio nani uetee mtoto wa mtu bastard,May God damn you to hell with your fellow conceited master and the accuser Satan.

Instead of getting worked up, open the dictionary and look up the word bastards.
I could have come out harsh but that’s the reality we live in.
It’s common sense the kids are innocent that you don’t need to school me about

Heaven and hell is here on earth.

Take this shit to kilimani mums truman kapotty

The word has several meanings, and its always used in a derogatory manner - well at least according to the mzungu’s where the word originated from

  1. an offensive or disagreeable person —used as a generalized term of abuse
  2. something that is spurious irregular, inferior, or of questionable origin
  3. archaic, derogatory - a person born of parents not married to each other.