A word about SA


you are about 3-days late


“I don’t see a fellow African as a competitor but a fellow compatriot who is struggling to feed his family and have some comfort in this short life-time.”

from the video what instructions do you think officers will be given when going to control the attacks?

Naija kamenuka


Complacent government. Government needs to be blamed and held responsible. This is not the first series of Xenophobic attacks in SA. You can clearly see the faces of people murdering fellow Africans on social media posts from the last series of attacks. Were they ever prosecuted ? Were they ever brought to book. To justice. So what is to hinder them from carrying out the next series of attacks?

Totally agree, it happens and sources from within claim the authorities claiming they’re overwhelmed! Seriously, overwhelmed how? I think they’re all in it, showing how collectively stupid the guys are to go attacking fellow africans as they the authorities just watch.
To and insult to injury, fellow African countries should be now protesting outside SA consulates around Africa, to push them to containing the situation, it’s been almost a week and no signs of authorities making an effort.