A Woman's worst Enemy; Her Best friend......

Don’t underestimate the capacity of the small head to hijack and dictate situations at short notice…


Has Maina Kageni been cleared to vie for Nairobi Womens Rep position?

In the latest opinion polls niliona amepewa 1% which means he is on the ballot.

That is a good example a waste of Dick.

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Hi babes!

Hi naona imagination imerudi. .

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Is this your post? Was it directed to you? Then why you attacking me?? .I am very proud of all my sexual explorations that i even post them .Now stay in your Lane and stop looking for my attention .And why you always anti women exploring their sexual side .Why are you so threatened about it that you have to always keep bringing it up in every thread .But you would never say the same about a guy who post all day about sex and even puts pics about the girl without consent? ?

That’s why ladies in here never post coz stupid guy’s like you are always trying to pull them down just to make yourself feel better

Your guardians failed. Now Google your way through this new feminist world where we are unapologetic about our sex life and no slat shaming will get to us .


Practice what you preach


“IM MAXIM #93If a woman is attainable, but you believe she is out of your league, she is. Self-fulfilling prophecy.”

That sounds like a good book.

Why does this surprise you bro? It’s just nature.


Ciku dear…this is the interweb…and it’s never really that serious.
Feminism, in its original form as espoused by the likes of Camille Paglia (a woman I admire), also provides that you should expect to deal with all sorts of criticisms just like everyone else…

If you can’t take the heat…so they say…

Mayuu babysitting earns more than what you think are career jobs.


Sijathink zaidi ya Njuna thani…

Sitambui ‘best friends’…


Wueh! @Mutura na ndom with that lecture ukidunda exams you have yourself to blame

Mtu huwa harespond kwa groupie. They are drama queens.

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It’s drama queen acha kueka in plural as if tuko wengi and @ me next time you try drive in your loose point

Drama yako siwes make madam. I am not wired that way. My conversation/argument/back-and-forth with you ends here.

Next time learn to start what you can finish .

I only finish constructive debates. If I find no value debating with you, I end the conversation as I just did.

:D:D:D:D you the one who started this conversation so your lowkey calling yourself valueless