A Woman's worst Enemy; Her Best friend......

She was my latest girlfriend.
I met her through a cousin of mine for whom she was a babysitter.
I had been single for a long time, she had been too. And I guess we both felt like we owed it to my cousin to get together because she is the kind of woman who keeps on banging on about it…
I wasn’t really into her in the beginning, but I gradually grew to love her because she was so vulnerable and naive.

She also had very Hot friends!

She was a student and so I noticed that most of her so called friends were just using her at their convenience when they needed a babysitter etc…
Any foreign student could use a bit of cash and I suppose that kept her connected to most if not all the Kenyans in town. She was known to most Kenyan families in my town.

I wanted her all to myself and in time I grew totally in love with her we would be seen walking around holding hands and in no time,we were the talk of the town with every Kenyan wanting to get into our business!

I spent a lot of time at her place because she lived nearer to the city centre than I did.

Sometimes her best friends would come knocking on her door looking for her only to find me with her at work or at uni!..

One of her single friends in particular took it too far!
This hot looking chick from South B was in my eyes above and beyond my league.

Unajua wale mamanze wa ubabini hukaa hi kama they are Black American hata they genuinely can’t speak Swahili mambo ni tribal language ama English?!

She was a SAPERE !

Her daddy not only paid for her tuition from Kenya,he also paid for her upkeep,rent,car, etc etc…all in Kenya Shillings!..
This girl didn’t even have a part time job like all other foreign students!

Anyhow, she was my girlfriend’s best friend.
Kazi ni kushinda akitembea kwetu announced and half the time, it was just me at home when she called. I even started thinking she was up to something but my “usafara” dictated that I shouldn’t let me to get ahead of myself!.. kikikikkkk…
After all,my girlfriend didn’t seem bothered everytime I reported the awkward visits from Caro her best friend.

Siku moja Caro had a party at her place and obviously me and my boo were invited.
Caro lived in a brand new one bed apartment that had a balcony.

In the wee hours as the party died off and after everyone had left, it was just me,Caro and my better half that were left to do the clean up.
My girlfriend was so tired she insisted that we sleep over and do the cleaning in the morning.
Caro was a smoker and she liked smoking on her balcony.
Mysteriously, I find myself with Caro on the balcony with the curtains and sliding door shut, with my girlfriend fast asleep on Caro’s bed!

Caro is abit tipsy and so am I.
I still feel abit awkward because as any man knows, hakuna kitu Ngumu kama kukatia a woman who you think is not in your league.
I felt really vulnerable and inadequate.

But that was before a tipsy Caro looked me straight into my eyes and with no word spoken, kissed me on my lips and hugged me so tightly!
Before I could think, Caro confessed that she had wanted to do that to me from the very first day she saw me!


We carried on with our caressing and kissing all the time watching Incase my girlfriend woke up and caught us.
The thrill of it was so invigorating I didn’t want it to stop…
Caro went on her knees and apart from penetration, we did everything else that lovers do!

Long story short, Caro went on to be one of my baby-mommas…
She still insists that she never did anything wrong.

Caro and my ex girlfriend haven’t spoken in over a decade.

I remain close friends with them both.


Title and author. Perfect match.


Pokea like design ya public likes.


Ati “baby sitter”? Sema tu mboch aka Njuna thani…kwani eko nene


But why are you blaming the best friend. You should have said no if you loved her .She was also intoxicated which meant she wasn’t thinking right, again you should have stopped her and said no. In conclusion there was no relationship in the first place


Lakini kusema ukweli apa kwa

Ndio hekaya iko hii ingine nimesoma Ni descriptions bana. Unafaa kuunwrap io “long story short”



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Kuna a stylistic device known as fantasy disclosing itself somewhere

Shiku_K is that you?

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Stoooooop !
Did you say Carol ?
Say no more. Story kwisha.


:D:D:D:D:D “Mysteriously” eh? Hehehe…good one


Mbona sikuelewi?

Two things a man can Never say no to. Money and pussy.
It’s such a self esteem booster for a pretty woman to come on to an ordinary Joe.
But you’re right, she just exposed the fact that we didn’t have such a strong relationship.

Late life crises full is full of regrets.


Look who is talking about relationships. You have no moral authority to advise on anything about relationships because we all know you are a trainwreck having tensomes with Nigerians behind your boyfriend’s back.


Caro is baby momma number?? Do you guys keep in touch? Maliza hekaya. I think the other chic ie Caro’s best friend was better off–some things are blessings in disguise.


“That woman was sexy…Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won’t screw you, don’t do it for them.”~Justin Harper in Shit My Dad Says


Hapo sawa Kabuda. Bado huyo baby mama number?? ana smoke

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Kumbe hii poko inaweza dinya point kama vile hudinywa mkundu na manaija