A woman on her periods

Have you realised that a woman on her periods has a certain organic smell. It freaking turns me on especially if she’s easy on the eye.I become so aroused that my breathing becomes rapid like I’m having a low key panic attack. Does this happen to anyone else?.

what’s gross when they are on the rug they are really horny ! atleast some of them !

Me too!

Some fetishes seem like a a thing they do at cult ceremonies

I only don’t like the smell but the drive. It’s safe to just hung around, and no sex. Heshimu nature.


Period sex inakuwanga tamu

Wanaume!!! Seems you wankers aren’t afraid of shark week i see

No,only animals behave like that,you are not one of us



I smell sanitary pads from Southern Bypass and make a u turn

umbwa wewe

Maybe that’s why my birthday is on the same day as world wildlife day.

Bro you are presumably pregnant with twins…

You need prayers

Hawa ni watu wa chips masala