"A woman is the real Satan"...

[SIZE=6]"People ask why I am alone. But it’s coz of the way women are set up! I was once drugged and left to die by women who I called friends. Did you know it’s only a woman who saw Satan? We love them but a woman is the real Satan. Don’t run away from your demons. Learn their names. And watch out. Laugh, eat, play with them but don’t trust none of them "[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Huddah Monroe ,2019[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Have a nice weekend[/SIZE]

evidence… screenshot

Well it all depends on the circle you keep, you can’t find angels amongst ratchets.


Hii miaka yote mtu ameishi duniani ndio amejua hii maneno???


I second you…

Back stabbers ma umbwa… i was fucked too kwanza recently!!!

Lete hekaya…

Na preffer ku i weka private… but really sai naona wanawake na angalia kuni kama still niko nayo… man i was thrown in my own septic tank siku mzima bila ata food

this is true, your vibe attracts your tribe.


itakuwa hatia moja kubwa usipoileta hiyo hekaya.

ina kera sana kaka… na mtanicheka… anyway i was thrown out like a dog nyumba niyake and nika replaciwa instantly…

usijali bro hiyo ni hali ya dunia.

whorepless woman

Ndo ivo sasa…

That’s why I hang out with you boys here, as opposed to chamas and whatnot.

Fools like @MasterYoda cunt relate

Never lend a woman money, wadau never