A woman Aged 38 gives birth to 44 children

She alleges the doctors(gynecologists) refused to stop her from conceiving past the 8 children because it would be risky to do so. Unfortunately, the man who is responsible is nowhere to be seen. Yeye ni kulima tu


:eek: fourty and four more? I am sure it reached a time she was just dropping them without feeling a thing…damn!


Hehe ak wapi mzee @FieldMarshal CouchP aone vile population ya uganda inaongezeka

I agree.
Was once in the maternity for one of my little one’s birth.
My then babymomma was on her first kazi nikushinda huko akilialia and next to her was a woman on her eighth birth!
She was discharged an hour after birth after doing all the pushing herself!..
Babymomma alitoka after a week sijui jaundice and a million other complications!
And that’s after a “kiserian” section!

On a positive note, nyap was left intact so I really shouldn’t complain!.. kikikikkkk…


You better be scared ma sista!..
Especially the first one!.. JESO!..

But I cannot think of any other experience in one’s life that is so humbling,so emotional, so stressful and yet all so REWARDING!.
The first time you hear the sound of the cry coming from something you harboured inside you for nine full month’s!!!
That is the best thing you are yet to hear!
It is the sound that pronounces purpose in your own being!
It is the sound of the voice of what real contentment and commitment really is!

The day the midwife hands you that bundle, your life changes!

Your priorities Change and you forget everything you thought was important to you.
I don’t think you should bother getting married if you were not planning on having kids.
But that’s just the opinion of a serial babydaddy!

I wish you all the best @Purple .

And like I said, if it’s just for procreation purposes, I’m your man girlfriend!!!..
And I come with EXPERIENCE!..

@Purple , can I be your babydaddy? (On bended knee)…

Africans are such savages.

Naweza mkamua were it not for the baggage. On a serious note, where is the govt when all the savages are doing this to women and children?