a widow at 26....unspoken pain of our Heroes

[ATTACH=full]104831[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]104832[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]104834[/ATTACH] A sad day for my village as we laid to rest one of our own… A 30yrs old KDF soldier who lost his life in Lamu on 31/05…the boy was burned badly to an extent that only two of his family members were allowed to view his remains.

He left a 26yrs old lady with a four months old boy who he saw only once…

The dude in a coastal hat was the is the
sole Survivor in the attack which claimed five of our heroes

RIP hero!

Pole kwa familia

may he RIP



IED is a problem even to the ISAF in Iraq and Afghanistan. RIP. The guy wearing a number one dress with a black band in pic 3 is one of the best surgeons that KDF has

She will be a single mother and @mturandom will be bashing here always

You know him???

Si kwa ubaya that dude in a coastal hat hakutoka na dent ata moja weeeh, then that widow doesn’t look 26 yrs… Anakaa mzee sana. But anyway once again RIP

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Maj(Dr) Otanga

He was their driver and their APC was hit from the left back side… Thats how he got lucky


R. I. P. , and may that little baby inherit his father’s courage.

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Pole kwao

May his soul rest in peace, and may God strengthen the family

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A true hero, RIP SHUJAA


RIP hero

If you are the one who took these photos, then you must have been standing right in front of me in the gun salute photo. Gauging by the types of phones that were scrambling to get a view, then I think I know who you are…

@jaymoh si for once you grow the ferk up.